Friday, April 25, 2014

Adoption: changes liveS

I have heard others speak of certain moments in their lives as, "A God thing" or "A God wink".  One of those moments when you feel something so strongly down in your soul, as if you have heard the Lord's voice through the emotions you feel.  I had one of those moments several weeks ago while comforting my older daughter during the middle of the night nightmare.

Unfortunately, from the day she came home, Lindsey has suffered from night tremors and bad dreams.  The other night she crawled into my bed crying, I watched as she snuggled in, dried her eyes and slowly went back to sleep.  Having the privilege of comforting and calming her in the night, impresses on me the reality of darkness defeated by love, redeemed by acceptance and trust allowing me to witness a small glimpse of the gospel and I realized that in adoption, the life you change might be your own.

Several weeks after Carson came home, I shared HERE that he taught me such a truth lesson in trust and love by letting go of his precious bottle, as I viewed as his only connection left to his birth country, and allowed me to hold it for him.  His bravery and resilience blew me away.  He was choosing to trust me and I saw so clearly the gospel.  Watching my youngest, I realized that in adoption, the life you change might be your own.

I could share story after story on how my life has been changed since we opened our hearts to adopt.  I think most adoptive parents and siblings would agree that they have been blessed much more than they thought when bringing home a child or two.  Kind of like wanting to reply to the famous line from strangers and friends alike, "He/She is so lucky to have you."  Seriously?  

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  1. Hey Aunt Kelly!
    I miss you guys, and I miss your blog post too! Please post!
    Brittany :)

  2. For a cerebral, progressive take on the process of adopting through foster care visit

  3. I'm commenting here because i am just trying to find someplace in the adoption community to comment.

    Look at the girl in this gotcha vid by gwcacan:

    Then if you look at this vid:
    and go to the 6:49-50 area and look at the little girl being gotcha'd that is sitting on the sandy blonde woman's lap.

    Certainly looks like the same girl in both videos to me. She would be a year or so younger in this video than the first video.

    What the sam hill is going on?