Sunday, July 25, 2010


No secret here...adoption, especially international adoption is very costly. We have been asked many times how much and WHY so much. The average being between (I am guessing) $19,000 and $28,ooo. The bulk being for fees, services, travels and care of the children and in some cases birthmothers. If interested, you can find out more about the specifics.

I am here to share the blessing of obedience in the midst of the unknown.

We were sincerely blessed last night at a community cook out. We had spoken with the owner of a small market close to our home earlier in the summer about teaming up for some pizza cards when he mentioned wanting to do a large cook out. He offered to donate a portion of the food sales to our MINUS 1 PROJECT! So, we planned some games with prizes ($.50) for the kids. We had a sweet neighbor donate a VT autographed football to raffle. We were humbled to watch people putting money in our jar without filling out a raffle ticket, paying $25.00 for their kids to play a couple of games (now those are some expensive silly bands!!), and writing a check for more than we could have ever expected! (Side note: we by no means live in Beverly Hills) These gifts came from students and working families. We have been humbled by several other "cheerful givers" such as these...DON'T ALLOW MONEY TO KEEP YOU FROM PURSUING ADOPTION. I have heard some say that God funds what He favors!!

One of our desires is to pass on fundraising ideas...and to encourage you to start your family's


  1. Wow!!! God is so good! And He is so faithful to provide! Love seeing all the neat ways that He funds adoption!!

  2. What a wonderful blessing! In good time, it will come. Thank you for continuing to inspire ALL of us out there trying to -1.
    Nancy-The Crazy 8s

  3. Hey there! I have a bunch of family in Blacksburg! The fund-raising is daunting but such an opportunity to be blessed as demonstrated here. It's nice to meet you! ( Here was my take on adoption expense :) ).