Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year in Review

To close out my blogging year, I thought I would choose one picture from each month in 2012.

Here goes:

January.  We sent off Carson's care package.
 February.  Ben picked out Carson's bedding since they would soon be roommates.
 March.  The girls continually moved Carson's referral picture around the house with their other babies..
April.  Finally!!  Our walk from SWS to our hotel.
May.  Our circle feeling complete.
 June.  Our family's Minus 1 Project complete and our money jar no longer needed. :)
 July.  So many words for this one.  Adoption/Family/Home = security, joy, love, redemption, grace...

August.  The start of the school year.
 September.  The Three Musketeers.
 October.  Halloween fun.
November.  Celebrating birthdays.
 December.  Each of us holding our Christmas 2012 ornament from my parents.

My Christmas ornament this year was a house with the words, "Bring Love In."  Tim's was a tin tree with the words, "Apisa family, est. 1996."  I think these two will be kept out of storage and will instead by hung on my kitchen window so as I'm looking out and watching my children play in the yard or doing dishes, I'll remember.

I'll remember that this family has been established, through the Lord, in love and for love.
Happy New Year.
May your heart and home bring in all the Lord offers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Now our salvation has a name.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fabric for Seven

Some may say that it is just a coincidence that in the fall of 1996 while purchasing Christmas fabric to make stockings for Tim and myself, on our first married Christmas, I actually bought enough to make 7 stockings...but not me.

I think it was God's sweet grace because He knows that little things like matching stockings are important to me.  I have smiled with thankfulness while sewing each one.  First for a loving husband, followed by a first born son, a little brother for the first, a daughter born a world away, a surprise daughter and our newest addition that has filled our house with joy and laughter.

As I finished up Carson's stocking last week, I took a look at the left over fabric.  I do believe I have enough for one more!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birthday Boy!

This week we celebrated a certain special boy's second birthday.  I think the first birthday home is such a huge thing--it just feels so right celebrating the life of your child.  It is so sad to think of the millions of children whose birthdays come and go with no special distinction in the day.

We rightfully cancelled school, ate lots of treats, played lots of cars and watched Yo Gabba Gabba galore!
 So much better than his first year celebration when all we had was a referral picture.

He was so excited that he blew out both his candles!
Ready to eat!

I'm so thankful Carson is home and I cannot imagine our family without him.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Mother's Call

The other night Lindsey snuck into my room for a few extra goodnight kisses.  She wrapped her arms around my neck, told me she loved me and then, literally, skipped back across the hall to her room.  Her room, that she shares with her sister, was all aglow with Christmas lights.  I peeked at her as she arranged her pillows and stuffed animals just so, pulled up her covers and was still.  And then it hit me...this feeling of urgency for all the little girls in China who are orphaned.

I read an article recently about a new foster care type home in China.  The idea to try to offer some of the orphans a family-like setting where they would be in smaller groups with a caretaker.  An older girl was interviewed for the article and her quote just hurts my heart.

"I just can't wait to have a mom to call me in when it's time for dinner."

And although I don't have it exact--the point is clear.  Really?  This is what she was excited about?  This is what she has waited to have?  So many interviews I have read from waiting children state their longing for a family, a belonging, an acceptance and a purpose.

There is no biblical model for an orphanage because children were not created to live in warehouse type buildings, bed-to-bed.  Children need families to grow, thrive,

There are these moments in my life lately, like the other night, that bring on this "orphan ache" in my heart.  A feeling of pain and hurt for the millions of orphans that are still waiting to be a part of a family, who are waiting to hear their mom call them in for supper...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All Colors Are In!

We just reordered all colors in our Travel Straw cups.  Also included is aqua, red, graphite, clear, yellow.  (Sunny and warm beach vacation not included. :)

Take a look: .

Pick a friend's favorite color and candy put them together for a fun gift = Another great gift idea brought to you by Minus 1 Project!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Day "Special"

Today only, you can choose two long sleeve shirts from our fundraising site for $40!  Or three for $56!

See post below for our newest long sleeve!

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Give one, keep one:  Merry Christmas to you and a friend!

The site:  Minus 1 Project.

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One day only.