Friday, March 30, 2012

Still here...

We were extremely hopeful that we would have received a phone call this morning allowing us to travel. But it didn't come. We do know that our son is completely through all of his visa and interview appearances. I must admit that by 11:00 this morning I was feeling a bit deflated. I know I'm kind of preaching to the choir here, but the wait is so hard.

It is nice to feel a bit ahead of schedule with preparedness. We worked all week on getting things ready for our little man so we would be set to leave this weekend. Instead, we are planning on getting some yard work done and enjoying as much as we can of our, hopefully, last weekend of being a family of 6.

Ben has been a huge help in preparing a special spot for his new brother and roommate. :)
(Proudly showing the crib sheet and blanket he picked out for C. last month)
(I though this was so cute of Ben to hang C's hoodie next to his.)

I've got my eye on our TC guesses. I think there is only two that are still in the running (Apr2 and Apr4).

Have a great weekend.
Adopt on!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"I will not change the world. Jesus will do that. I can, however, let Him use me to change the world for one person."
~Katie Davis
(Lucy, Carson and Lindsey drawn by Lucy)

Today, I am overwhelmed with the reality that my son's world and mine are getting ready to change. I think this quote goes both ways. I know sweet, little C and his story have already changed me and I am so thankful for the privilege to be his momma!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Photography

This blog is no stranger to Lindsey's photography. We get such a kick out of reviewing the pictures on our camera after she has had it. See some of her self portraits here.

The other day she asked for the camera to take pictures of her babies. I couldn't stop smiling as I looked through the pictures. I think you'll see why:
And her sweet baby brother right in the mix. We are SO ready for him to come home.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whereabouts revealed...

We spent the long weekend celebrating this guy's birthday:
And where were we? Allie guessed it! (and Anne, too, just a few seconds late. :) We were at Virginia Beach, VA. It is my dad's choice of traditional location to celebrate.
The weekend went by much too quickly and I forgot to take pictures of most of it! I did manage to grab my camera for this one.
And for one right before we left because I thought it was blog worthy to show how we roll...
We pack it all, even the toaster oven! (Used to cook chicken nuggets for Lucille on our traditional pizza night.) When wheeling the luggage cart into the elevator, someone said to Tim, "Whoa, how long are you staying?". Ha!

We are hoping to hear news of travel within the next two weeks...funny how you wait and wait and wait and then panic that it could be so close and there is so much to do! I'll share more this week on our preparations.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Where in the world am I?

Recognize this statue?
Leave a comment naming the city and state...first correct guesser wins a free decal.
Have a great weekend.
Adopt on!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adoption Rock Stars...

We are placing our next order for the Adopt on! shirts this week.
Sizes run from youth XS to adult XXXL.

~The long wait can make you a bit of a nutball. There are days that it seems like your child won't ever come home BUT
~The financial cost is staggering and can be quite intimidating, BUT
~You may not always hear the most encouraging stories or advice, BUT
~From the wise Sonia Martin, "But the last I checked my goal isn't to take up residence on Easy St. I think that is a crowded, overpopulated neighborhood. Go. Serve. Love. Be more like Him." Take that leap or small step of faith. In the face of uncertainty and lots of "what ifs" trust in the One who won't let you fall and

Monday, March 12, 2012

"got EP?"

We were notified this morning that we were submitted for EP.
(EP= exit permission)

On average these take about 10-14 to process.
So...back to waiting.

Now, we wait for TC.
(TC=travel call)
(Travel call=rejoicing, dancing, singing)

Game time: Celebrate with us and play along!
Guess our travel call date.

We'll take the correct guessers and pick one to choose an item from our fundraising site for

In the meantime, consider a purchase..we've got the cutest little Korean to bring home!

We are getting ready to place another order of the "Adopt on!" shirts so order yours this week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


And just when you set up your girls to take a picture, in their new matching jammies to send as a thank you to their Gandy, teenage brother walks by on his way to the shower and tosses his clean boxers at them...
Oh, sweet Carson, if only you knew what you were about to enter in to. We love you and can't wait to take pictures of you with your brother's undies on your head!

*Check out the make-your-own price t-shirt sale below. Extra shirts need to go!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

EP Movement Sale Celebration!

Yesterday it was, in fact, confirmed that the Ministry began processing Exit Permissions.

(If you are late in this game, that is the last thing Carson needs before we can travel to bring him home...forever!)

I'm not totally sure why, but our agency, unlike others, will not be notified of if or when we are submitted, just that we are cleared for travel.
So, best case scenario, if we were in the first batch, we most likely wouldn't hear until next week or so, after C's EP was processed.

So, in the meantime, we'll celebrate with a SaLe.
A Minus 1 t-shirt sale.
You pick the color/size available (limited)
you pick the donation amount.

We mail you the shirt.
Help us finish out our Minus 1 Project.

Here are your color/size choices. (I'll do my best to update.)
1 adult medium
2 adult large

1 adult small
1 adult medium
2 adult large
2 adult Xlarge
1 adult XXlarge

White t-shirt with black print
(small Minus 1 Project on back, picture on the fundraising site.)
2 adult small
4 adult medium
3 adult large
3 adult Xlarge
2 adult XXlarge

Feel free to email,, before donating to be sure that we still have your color/size choice.

I can't wait to share, later this week, how we have been preparing for our son's homecoming...minus 1 project almost complete!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Some good news

Many parents in the process of Korean adoptions follow a certain blog.
It is called MPAK (Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea).
Last night Steve posted my most favorite post of all:

EP - It is Really Happening!

EP is really happening in Korea, starting from March 5th.
I got this email from a friend of mine who works at an adoption agency in Korea.

Dear Steve,

Hope this finds you and your family quite well as always.
As of today, March 5 (Mon), the Ministry began to accept our paperworks for EPs.
It's a great news though delayed.

Hope you another great day!

I wish all the waiting families have a great day as well at this great news!

Steve Morrison

Friday, March 2, 2012

This picture was taken at the Baby Reception Center in Seoul, Korea a few weeks before Carson arrived.

Wake on up from your slumber,

Each of these little bodies is here because at the moment they have no family.
They have never been called son or daughter.
Thankfully, they will receive very good care from the nurses in this center.
But those nurses will go home.
They will wait.
Millions wait.
And most aren't in clean, sweet baby reception centers.

Come on and open up your eyes.