Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the game goes on...

So Nancy and Abby very kindly brought to my attention the endless possibilities (or zillions and bazillions) for this guessing match.

To everyone's surprise there has been ONE correct guess.
Is it yours?

The real game begins:
(a bit dramatic I know!)
You have one chance to change your guess (or give your first guess).
1.If you change and guess a new color combo that is correct your name gets entered to win.
2.If you change and you were the original correct guess--you win a "got love?" t-shirt of your choice, just not the new design.
3. If you were correct and you keep that choice, you win the "got love?"t-shirt of your choice AND get entered to win the new design.

If you are new here...scroll down a few posts to get the goal of the game. In a nutshell, you are guessing the t-shirt color and print color on our newest shirts. To be revealed on Friday with the winner! And be sure to note our sale items, too.

Two days left to order the "got love? adopt." t-shirts with all the color options. Friday the colors go down to a chosen few.

New sale item

Remember this shirt?
(This is the picture I complained about having my head cut off in...) We had to order a certain number of these when we placed our order. We still have some left--not many but what we have is on sale. $8 only!!!

4 Large and 3 Extra Large
**keep in mind they run rather fitted and, I think, need a tank top underneath.
(A great youth, teen shirt)

Use the donate button ($8 each) and leave me your size choice in the comment section. I'll update the number available as they, hopefully, sell! :)

I'll keep the sale items keep the guesses coming (see post below)!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I think we are finally ready to get a move on to our new fundraising--hopefully this phase will usher in our newest addition and continue to help support other adoptive/fundraising families.

You all know me--a game and prize are in order. So here it is:

This week leave a guess as to the new color combination of our
"got love? adopt." tees.
(First color: shirt Second color: printing)
Example: black/white...hint, we already did this one! :)

The newest in our line of t-shirts will be revealed and ready to order on Friday--along with one lucky winner.

If you leave the correct color combination of the new design (one guess only) your name will be entered to win. The prize is the new design, short sleeve, your size choice.

This new shirt will be available in long and short sleeve.
It is one of the softest cotton blends around--soft style t-shirt.

REMINDER: This is the final week to order a "got love? adopt." t-shirt from the many color choices. After Friday, the selection goes down the three different colors. Don't delay...

The below sale will continue this week. Take a look.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reduced to $8!

We can't go much lower or we'll loose money!

Here is what we have left:

"got love? adopt." black cotton tote
1 black original youth medium t-shirt-SOLD
7 black original adult small t-shirts
9 black original adult XL t-shirts
1 black original long sleeve adult M shirts

See post below for pictures.
Each item is $8 (use donate button on sidebar)

"got gifts?"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phase One...clearing out.

Looking back over the past year and a half, I noticed that our fundraising has gone in phases.

Phase One: The Black Phase

Phase Two: The Colored Phase

Phase Three: Yet to be named
It is coming in about 2 is big, employing the talents of other fundraising more-crafty-than-I families.

We seriously need to clear out of phase one and two before we start stocking for phase three.

From today until it is all gone: All items left from phase one will be sold for a $10 donation.

You donate $10 and pick your item:
-insulated travel mug (ALL SOLD OUT--THANK YOU!)
-black cotton tote (makes a great library or church bag)
-short sleeve t-shirt (only adult S, XL and one youth M)
-long sleeve shirt (only adult M)

Items are limited. I'll update this post as to what is still available and feel free to email me,, if you would like to check before donating. I'll email you when your donation comes in to confirm your purchase. (All items mailed out no later than Monday.)

Your donation helps us in two ways: adds money to our adoption fund and makes room for another little person in this crowded house we call home!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back Home!

I returned home yesterday from 4 restful days at my parent's house with my sister. We all had such a good time. The weather was wonderful! My parents always have such fun food and stuff for the kids to do. It was a bit hard getting moving this morning but I hope we will squeeze in a few more visits before the weather turns too cold to play on the lake.

Here's a few pictures from our time:

We had such a great back home to start preparing for school. I'm still gathering a few things and we'll be ready to start. I'm also working on our new fundraising gear--we are thinking up some fun contests and give aways, too. So keep following us into the fall!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Randomness

Random thoughts to leave you with for the next 4 days

1. Thank you all for the allowance input. You all had some great ideas. We have told the boys we will have some type of system in place by the time we start school. We rarely start before Labor we still have some time to work on it. I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in on your family's money plan for kids. It is worth going back a post to read the comments--especially Jody's! :)

2. It's trash's shells &'s tooth's's's books....
it's your Minus 1 Project order arriving in whatever type of box is free!!

3. We went shopping for some school supplies the other day with the kids. The girls were very excited to be choosing some for the first time. We let them each choose a pencil case: Lucy chose a pink sparkly one with a silver star and Lindsey chose a Transformer one. Could my girls be any different? But somehow they remain the best of friends.

4. I received a Facebook message from a blogging friend the other day who lives in Florida. She and her family were out shopping and some of her kids had on their "got love? adopt." t-shirts. Someone stopped them and said, "I know those shirts..they're from the Minus 1 Project." In Florida!!! Isn't that exciting?

5. Speaking of Facebook, I saw this status from another friend. "I feel badly for people with stocks. All my investments were in orphan futures and they are performing stunningly well. My portfolio looks awesome!" Made me smile.


7. As summer comes to an end, I still do not like bikinis. I posted early in the summer, after seeing blog and Facebook pictures about being surprised at the number of girls allowed to wear them. I don't understand a parents' acceptance of seeing their daughter out in public in what amounts to a panty and bra. Here is an excerpt from a friend's blog. "The industry does us no favors if we happen to be parents of young ladies. It is a fine line we walk with being culturally cool while still being honoring to our Creator and mindful of our male friends. We put much pressure (and rightfully so) on young men to be gentlemanly and respectful but in the same turn we dress our daughters in strapless, tight fitting and way to short apparel and then beseech the boys not to stare. We can't have it both ways."

Lindsey makes me laugh because when she hops off her bike, she shoves it over. (The bike stands very steady b/c of the training wheels.) She heaves it to the ground so it will park like the boys' bikes. So much for this bike becoming a hand-me-down to child #5! :)

9. I'm headed to my parent's house, with kids in tow, for a long weekend with my sister and her kids. I'm very excited about getting to spend a few days with her.

10. Just a reminder that we are nearing the end of an era. Our t-shirt color choices are slimming down. This is the last month to get to order from the many colors available.

Enjoy your weekend...feel free to leave me some random comments! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The going rate?

This post is really a poll....How much money do your kids receive as an allowance?

For years the boys have had chores. We don't have a chore chart or set chores--other than trash and recycling on Fridays. It has been more of a we ask, they do.

During those years the boys have been asking for an allowance. We have never given it. They receive birthday and Christmas money from relatives. And, honestly, up until this year, didn't do THAT much around the house that we warranted deserving an allowance. That is beginning to change as they get older. Like most tweens they are more than capable and quite efficient at bigger jobs now.

And in case you missed it: We are hoping to travel to Korea in the next year (please!) and they really want money to bring with them to buy electronics. They are insistent that a Play Station 3 is only going to cost a few dollars there--we've told them otherwise.

The other night we went to bed to find this:
(this is not a shameless plug for the straw cup--it can always be found on my nightstand :)

A few sweet little reminders on the bed, pillows and clock that they would like us to "talk about chores + alowance" or "allowance".

I would appreciate hearing how much kids are earning these days in allowance?
What is your family's going rate?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Winds of change are a blowin'

We are excited about some new fundraising opportunities.
We are very thankful for our friends at ADVERTISING AUTHORITIES ( for all the help they have offered as we try to decide where we are headed.

As we began to sort out our direction, some things have become clear.
In order to expand our inventory and add new designs and products, we have to make some changes.
One change is the number of color options available for our "got love? adopt." t-shirt.
It has been great being able to offer so many different colors...but we are ready to add to our inventory with new designs, think (-1) and styles. In order to make this happen by (hopefully) the end of this month we need to downsize our color options. We will continue to sell this design on several of the most popular colors. (I hope we can possibly add a new color for a month on and off.)

This is the last month to order your "got love? adopt." t-shirt in all the color options.

If there is a specific color or colors you were is the time!
If you were thinking of family t-shirts for homecomings and is the time!
I'll leave you with several group shots.

One thing is for sure..these families have got love!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

AUGUST 13, 2010 (My post from one year ago)


We were all so happy and naive!
And now, a year later we still wait to see the face of a little one that we can call our own. It is a mystery to me how I can love and miss someone that I don't even know.
Just a heads up...if I am posting this in 2012 as two years ago today, I may need some serious help! :)

One BIG step closer

Our dossier left for Korea yesterday around 2:00!!!!

I was so surprised when I got the mail and saw the USCIS return address. It has only been a little over 4 weeks since we sent in our I600A and a little over 1 week since our fingerprinting!! I am so relieved to have it on its way!

We celebrated at Cold Stone last night. I had been holding on to a gift card that I got for Christmas. (Thanks John and Dani!!)

So begins our countdown! (The latest on referrals is about 6 to 8 months.)

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. Is 65:24

Friday, August 12, 2011

Winners & "Where did you get those beads?"

The 6 winners are:

Pink: Rebecca L.
Orange: Jody V.
Purple: Debb M.
Green: Mattie W.
Red: Abby M.
Aqua: Lara D.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

I feel badly when we do a something like this and there are some people who don't win anything. (This was our second time doing one and last, I think, too much guilt!) As a "thank you" to all who donated, I have this offer: If you would like to order a travel cup, you can use the donate button and purchase one for $10. Remember this is only for those who donated to our adoption fund over the past two weeks. Also, remember purple is no longer a color choice.

"Where did you get those beads?"
Several weeks ago we were invited to a dessert fundraiser for a couple that were here in the US from Uganda sharing about their ministry. The ministry is EKUBO MINISTRIES with George and Christy Magera. It was a great evening listening to them talk about the people they serve in Uganda. The desserts were pretty good, too!! :) This was George's first trip to the US and he was hilarious. He had us all laughing. One of their first flights was cancelled and they were put up in a hotel--an average Inn. When entering the room and seeing the big bed and pillows he asked Christy if this was where the President stayed!! He also gave an interesting take on Walmart. He had many stories of heart break, as well--about his people and their needs in Uganda.

I know they would love some encouraging words. You can "like" their Facebook page or visit their website, They have some of the most unique jewelry and bags from Uganda. Every purchase helps to fund their ministry. (Contact them for fundraising discounts--they love to help out adopting families.)

I'll try to get over feeling badly about the losers in this fundraiser...honestly, it does bother me. I do think, though, just as your mom always said, "We are all winners" in this type of situation. There's even a little winner an ocean away!

I have said it before and I hope you all know how sincerely I mean it:
"Thank you for investing in our family. It is very humbling and an amazing thing to think of all the people that have contributed to bringing our child home. You "get it". You have chosen not to store up your treasure here on earth--but to invest it in the life of a little one you don't even know. Wow!"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Final hours

Winners (6) will be drawn around noon on Friday (12th).

Final day

Today is the final day to donate $5 or more and be entered to win 1 of the 6
"got love? adopt." travel cup
Ugandan bead necklace.
See the post below Lindsey's birthday post for more details.
$5-1 chance, $10-3 chances, $20-8 chances (donation button on side bar)
We are thankful for every dollar that we drawn tomorrow around noon.
Please consider sharing our fundraiser/blog with others!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The blogging balance

The balance between fundraising and blogging is a tough one for me.
(I want our blog to document our adoption journey..but need it as well to fundraise.)

I have this fear that if I put something else on while trying to do a time sensitive fundraiser--like the matching cups and bead necklaces-someone, who I am sure is going to love the prize and want to donate, is going to find the blog and miss it due to a post on another subject.

And so, I haven't blogged much in the past week or so, except on how you, too, could look
"Stylish while sittin' and sipping'" (thanks, Jody)

Guess what I missed blogging on? I think this may make me a terrible mother and I may loose a follower or two.

Here's a hint:
And not just any birthday: 5!!
I have decided that 5 is a pretty big age. The 3-4 years still seem very toddlerish, but 5 enters a whole new arena. It has been wonderful watching Lindsey blossom since Christmas. Her vocabulary and social skills have improved dramatically making me so pleased and a bit relieved!

Lindsey came downstairs to a fun breakfast and some gifts to open. Earlier in the summer we surprised her with a bike. She had been getting too big for her tricycle and really wanted a bike. We hated to wait until near the end of summer to give her one.
She was so excited!!
On her actual birthday, her brothers gave her the perfect accessory for her new bike.
The rest of the birthday pictures, well, just look like this:
I think we should have saved the helmet to open for last! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Cutest Cup Holder in Town

Now, if this can't sell a $5 ticket, I don't know what can!! :)
(thanks, Amy, for sharing this with me!)

This is the last week for your chance to win a "got love? adopt." travel cup and matching colored Ugandan bead necklace.
See below posts for more details.

Please consider a gift of $5 or more this week to help us with our adoption expenses.

Thank you...

Friday, August 5, 2011

What everyone needs...

is a matching necklace and travel cup!

As I was thinking about this fundraiser (ra**le), I had to laugh.
I'm not sure what got me to put Ugandan bead necklaces and travel cups together...

$5 (1 chance), $10(3 chances), $20(8 chances)
using the donate button on the sidebar
a beautiful Ugandan bead necklace
the matching color "got love? adopt." travel cup with lid and straw (BPA free).

OK, so not the most practical combination but,
Oh, so pretty!!
Please consider sharing about our fundraiser on your blog or Facebook page.
6 winners will be drawn and posted on Aug. 12
Go ahead....donate!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Rainbow of Thanks!

It's here...and it's not a raffle :), but a

The new travel cups arrived.
We added two new colors: aqua and red.
They are very pretty.

In my fundraising shopping/supporting I came across beautiful Ugandan bead necklaces.
Beautiful, solid colored beads that happen to match the colors of our cups.

We put them together to make a rainbow of colors.
Here is the "thanks" part:
For every $5 donation, you get a chance to be given a travel cup/necklace combo.
For every $10 donation, you get a 3 chances.
For every $20 donation, you get 8 chances.
Donations accepted through the "donate" button on the side bar.

(I'll send you a response email confirming your donation/chances..just so you know. I sometimes wonder about donations when I leave them if they are received.)

You donate to us and help us meet our fundraising goals.
We say "thank you" with a 1 in 6 chances to receive a gift.
Purple, Aqua, Pink, Orange, Green and Red.
On Friday, Aug. 12, we will randomly pick 6 names to be given a travel cup (BPA free) and the matching Ugandan bead necklace.
So what are you waiting for, what do you have to lose....except $5, that you'll never really miss but when added to lots of other $5's can really help to bring our little one home!