Monday, August 15, 2011

Winds of change are a blowin'

We are excited about some new fundraising opportunities.
We are very thankful for our friends at ADVERTISING AUTHORITIES ( for all the help they have offered as we try to decide where we are headed.

As we began to sort out our direction, some things have become clear.
In order to expand our inventory and add new designs and products, we have to make some changes.
One change is the number of color options available for our "got love? adopt." t-shirt.
It has been great being able to offer so many different colors...but we are ready to add to our inventory with new designs, think (-1) and styles. In order to make this happen by (hopefully) the end of this month we need to downsize our color options. We will continue to sell this design on several of the most popular colors. (I hope we can possibly add a new color for a month on and off.)

This is the last month to order your "got love? adopt." t-shirt in all the color options.

If there is a specific color or colors you were is the time!
If you were thinking of family t-shirts for homecomings and is the time!
I'll leave you with several group shots.

One thing is for sure..these families have got love!!!


  1. Great pictures. I love the Got Love shirts and we are wearing ours to our Buddy Walk this year! Do you have them in or do you have to order them and if you order them when will that be?

  2. I'm placing an order today, Aug 15, and one more (last) of all the color choices on Aug. 31. Thanks, Barb, for sharing the love at your Buddy Walk! (I'd love a picture to share.)

  3. Hi Kelly, So glad to have found your blog. My daughter has a friend with the tie-dye "got love?" and she had been asking me to find one for her. Finally I found it on your blog last night!! Yay! Placing an order today!