Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The blogging balance

The balance between fundraising and blogging is a tough one for me.
(I want our blog to document our adoption journey..but need it as well to fundraise.)

I have this fear that if I put something else on while trying to do a time sensitive fundraiser--like the matching cups and bead necklaces-someone, who I am sure is going to love the prize and want to donate, is going to find the blog and miss it due to a post on another subject.

And so, I haven't blogged much in the past week or so, except on how you, too, could look
"Stylish while sittin' and sipping'" (thanks, Jody)

Guess what I missed blogging on? I think this may make me a terrible mother and I may loose a follower or two.

Here's a hint:
And not just any birthday: 5!!
I have decided that 5 is a pretty big age. The 3-4 years still seem very toddlerish, but 5 enters a whole new arena. It has been wonderful watching Lindsey blossom since Christmas. Her vocabulary and social skills have improved dramatically making me so pleased and a bit relieved!

Lindsey came downstairs to a fun breakfast and some gifts to open. Earlier in the summer we surprised her with a bike. She had been getting too big for her tricycle and really wanted a bike. We hated to wait until near the end of summer to give her one.
She was so excited!!
On her actual birthday, her brothers gave her the perfect accessory for her new bike.
The rest of the birthday pictures, well, just look like this:
I think we should have saved the helmet to open for last! :)


  1. Haha! Love the helmet! And Happy 5th Birthday to Lindsey!!!

  2. LOL! LOVE the helmet! Happy birthday big girl!


  3. Love the helmet, and the pictures in it! So fun! Happy Birthday! 5 is a big age!!!

  4. Great pictures. The helmet is too funny, especially in pictures :)

  5. That helmet is a hilarious addition to the pictures! Love it! Happy birthday, Lindsey! Welcome to the big girl stage! :)

  6. That is great! I love the photos! Happy (belated) birthday to Lindsey!

  7. Bahahahah, that is HYSTERICAL!! I am crackin up over here with her little monster head. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  8. haha!!! That helmet is hilarious!! I love it. Happy Birthday Lindsey:)