Friday, August 12, 2011

Winners & "Where did you get those beads?"

The 6 winners are:

Pink: Rebecca L.
Orange: Jody V.
Purple: Debb M.
Green: Mattie W.
Red: Abby M.
Aqua: Lara D.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

I feel badly when we do a something like this and there are some people who don't win anything. (This was our second time doing one and last, I think, too much guilt!) As a "thank you" to all who donated, I have this offer: If you would like to order a travel cup, you can use the donate button and purchase one for $10. Remember this is only for those who donated to our adoption fund over the past two weeks. Also, remember purple is no longer a color choice.

"Where did you get those beads?"
Several weeks ago we were invited to a dessert fundraiser for a couple that were here in the US from Uganda sharing about their ministry. The ministry is EKUBO MINISTRIES with George and Christy Magera. It was a great evening listening to them talk about the people they serve in Uganda. The desserts were pretty good, too!! :) This was George's first trip to the US and he was hilarious. He had us all laughing. One of their first flights was cancelled and they were put up in a hotel--an average Inn. When entering the room and seeing the big bed and pillows he asked Christy if this was where the President stayed!! He also gave an interesting take on Walmart. He had many stories of heart break, as well--about his people and their needs in Uganda.

I know they would love some encouraging words. You can "like" their Facebook page or visit their website, They have some of the most unique jewelry and bags from Uganda. Every purchase helps to fund their ministry. (Contact them for fundraising discounts--they love to help out adopting families.)

I'll try to get over feeling badly about the losers in this fundraiser...honestly, it does bother me. I do think, though, just as your mom always said, "We are all winners" in this type of situation. There's even a little winner an ocean away!

I have said it before and I hope you all know how sincerely I mean it:
"Thank you for investing in our family. It is very humbling and an amazing thing to think of all the people that have contributed to bringing our child home. You "get it". You have chosen not to store up your treasure here on earth--but to invest it in the life of a little one you don't even know. Wow!"


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I never win anything...haha!!! I hope I am the right abby m:) just out of curiosity does any of the other winners want to trade colors?!?! or would that make it way to confusing???

    Thanks Kelly!!!

  2. Congrats to all the winners...and don't feel bad! We are happy to help ya' or lose! :)

  3. I know how you feel...we have a free giveaway at our blog this weekend and I NEVER get over that not everyone can win!


  4. WOOHOO!!! THANK YOU!!!! And guess what!?!?!? Purple is my favorite color!!! I rarely win anything, so this is pretty fun! Happy to contribute to the joining of your family! :)