Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the game goes on...

So Nancy and Abby very kindly brought to my attention the endless possibilities (or zillions and bazillions) for this guessing match.

To everyone's surprise there has been ONE correct guess.
Is it yours?

The real game begins:
(a bit dramatic I know!)
You have one chance to change your guess (or give your first guess).
1.If you change and guess a new color combo that is correct your name gets entered to win.
2.If you change and you were the original correct guess--you win a "got love?" t-shirt of your choice, just not the new design.
3. If you were correct and you keep that choice, you win the "got love?"t-shirt of your choice AND get entered to win the new design.

If you are new here...scroll down a few posts to get the goal of the game. In a nutshell, you are guessing the t-shirt color and print color on our newest shirts. To be revealed on Friday with the winner! And be sure to note our sale items, too.

Two days left to order the "got love? adopt." t-shirts with all the color options. Friday the colors go down to a chosen few.


  1. You are cracking me up! I am sticking with mine...

    I think...


  2. OK, I'm changing my guess to white shirt, rainbow letters :)

  3. hahaha!!! you are one funny lady:) but I think I am going to stick with the reverse classic!!

  4. I'm feeling... um... (gulp) confident. LOL! I'm keeping mine anyways... green with black letter. :-)

  5. i hope it is brown and turquoise b/c i like those colors. and what other reason is there than to pick what i like??? none. there is no other reason.

  6. Ok, I'm switching mine to the reverse order of what I said before. Brown/lime green is my final answer. :)

  7. I tried to post on the other post but my computer at work wouldn't let me. My original thought was brown w/cream letters, but I think I am now going with white w/black letters.

  8. You are hilarious! I'm keeping my guess the same - gray with white letters. This is fun! Can't wait to see the new design!


  9. I am loving the games.(maybe found a clue) So I am going with lime green and brown.

  10. Staying with my original guess -camouflage with orange letters!!!!! My nephews are hoping I'm right. They tell me they would love to see camo "Got Love" shirts in their Christmas stockings!!!!!!