Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New sale item

Remember this shirt?
(This is the picture I complained about having my head cut off in...) We had to order a certain number of these when we placed our order. We still have some left--not many but what we have is on sale. $8 only!!!

4 Large and 3 Extra Large
**keep in mind they run rather fitted and, I think, need a tank top underneath.
(A great youth, teen shirt)

Use the donate button ($8 each) and leave me your size choice in the comment section. I'll update the number available as they, hopefully, sell! :)

I'll keep the sale items keep the guesses coming (see post below)!


  1. Do you think i can wear a large? is that what you wear?

  2. I'll take a large if that's what you wear.

  3. You all are pressuring me to disclose my clothing size! :) In this shirt I prefer the XL, b/c I wear a tank top under it and don't like things clingy. I usually wear a medium.

  4. I'll take one large, then. Thanks!

  5. If you still have these, I would like an xlarge!

  6. Yes! We still have 2 xlarges. If you decide that you would like one, please just use the donate button ($8) and leave me a comment or email ( letting me know it is for the baseball XL shirt. Thank you.