Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Randomness

Random thoughts to leave you with for the next 4 days

1. Thank you all for the allowance input. You all had some great ideas. We have told the boys we will have some type of system in place by the time we start school. We rarely start before Labor we still have some time to work on it. I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in on your family's money plan for kids. It is worth going back a post to read the comments--especially Jody's! :)

2. It's trash's shells &'s tooth's's's books....
it's your Minus 1 Project order arriving in whatever type of box is free!!

3. We went shopping for some school supplies the other day with the kids. The girls were very excited to be choosing some for the first time. We let them each choose a pencil case: Lucy chose a pink sparkly one with a silver star and Lindsey chose a Transformer one. Could my girls be any different? But somehow they remain the best of friends.

4. I received a Facebook message from a blogging friend the other day who lives in Florida. She and her family were out shopping and some of her kids had on their "got love? adopt." t-shirts. Someone stopped them and said, "I know those shirts..they're from the Minus 1 Project." In Florida!!! Isn't that exciting?

5. Speaking of Facebook, I saw this status from another friend. "I feel badly for people with stocks. All my investments were in orphan futures and they are performing stunningly well. My portfolio looks awesome!" Made me smile.


7. As summer comes to an end, I still do not like bikinis. I posted early in the summer, after seeing blog and Facebook pictures about being surprised at the number of girls allowed to wear them. I don't understand a parents' acceptance of seeing their daughter out in public in what amounts to a panty and bra. Here is an excerpt from a friend's blog. "The industry does us no favors if we happen to be parents of young ladies. It is a fine line we walk with being culturally cool while still being honoring to our Creator and mindful of our male friends. We put much pressure (and rightfully so) on young men to be gentlemanly and respectful but in the same turn we dress our daughters in strapless, tight fitting and way to short apparel and then beseech the boys not to stare. We can't have it both ways."

Lindsey makes me laugh because when she hops off her bike, she shoves it over. (The bike stands very steady b/c of the training wheels.) She heaves it to the ground so it will park like the boys' bikes. So much for this bike becoming a hand-me-down to child #5! :)

9. I'm headed to my parent's house, with kids in tow, for a long weekend with my sister and her kids. I'm very excited about getting to spend a few days with her.

10. Just a reminder that we are nearing the end of an era. Our t-shirt color choices are slimming down. This is the last month to get to order from the many colors available.

Enjoy your weekend...feel free to leave me some random comments! :)


  1. Love your random post! And I totally agree about girls in bikinis. Ugh.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love this post! And lost the girls choices in pencil cases too!


  3. Love your bikini comment! I gave up bikinis when I had my daughter. Well, for more reasons than one if you know what I mean!

  4. As a mom of a boy, thanks so much for feeling the way you do about bikinis :) I totally agree!

  5. Hey! My tumbler cracked when I dropped it today:( Are there any more Aqua ones left???

  6. Coming to catch up over on my favorite blog, and what a handful of a post. Too much I need to comment on. As for the bikini's TOTALLY agree!! Enough said.

  7. Kelly, I hope you and your family are safe following todays earthquake. We felt it here...crazy!

  8. yep...we got the tofu box:) made me smile when I saw it.