Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plus 1

My fantastic running friends gave us a wonderful gift when we returned home last month.  They gave us a photo shoot with a local photographer.  I was so excited!!  I have always wanted to do that.  So, we cleaned up and coordinated outfits.

And, FINALLY, we have a picture of our complete family... for now. ;)

And I can't help but share a few more:

This last photo gives a hint as to why my blog posts these days are few and far between: 

Our sweet, new addition is always on the move!

I'm so thankful that we have moved up the number line to (+1).  Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One for RoCk StAr dads!

I am excited about this new design created with dads in mind...RoCk StAr dads!  I know there are many of them out there!

My favorite thing about these shirts is that we chose fun colors that go together for dads and kids.   Both colors come in adult 3XL- youth XS (about 4/5).

This week ONLY--order has to be placed on Monday, May 28, to ensure delivery by Father's day:
Royal Blue
Adult sizes:  $13.95
Youth sizes:  $10.95

Tye Dye
Adult sizes:  $17.95
Youth sizes:  $14.95

(I know typically when shopping for Father's day, moms aren't looking to buy for their kids BUT what a fun gift to give coordinating t-shirts.  That is why for this week only, we lowered the prices for the youth shirts.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toddler toys

The other day we remembered a little ride-on car (two, actually...imagine that!) that we had put away in the basement.  The girls spent many hours circling the kitchen and screened in porch on those pink cars.  We thought it would be the perfect fit for Carson as the older kids were in the back riding scooters and bikes.  Not sure if it IS the perfect fit because Carson has yet to get a turn.  Take a look:

Those two rascals tied the cars together and took off up the path.  Note their clothing different and cute!  They turned around for a thrilling ride down!

The faster they went, the louder their laughter and cheers got.

And then Lucy stuck her feet down to avoid running over the camera lady and Lindsey learned about the whip-around effect.  (Remember those old skating rink days??)

I don't think Carson minded giving up his turn on the cars because he had a great view of the action from his beloved swing.

I hope you're out enjoying the beautiful weather, too!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Color and Cup winners

After reading through the comments left here and on facebook (go "like" Minus 1 Project (-1) page), the top choices, in order, were pink, purple, lime, aqua, red, orange, graphite and yellow.  I'll be working up and placing an order today of ALL colors but more of the most popular ones.

Amy J.--you have been chosen!  Email me, or message me on facebook, your address and color choice.  As soon as the new shipment arrives (about 10 days), I'll send one your way.

Thank you for taking the time to comment your suggestion.  As a group thank you (I wish I could give everyone a cup but that would defeat the whole purpose! :) I lowered the travel cup price on the fundraising site for JUST THIS WEEK.   Order you top color choice(s) this week only for $9.95, plus shipping.  Saturday, noon, the price returns to $12.95.

Order them up today,

And a small lesson to, I hope, make you smile.

If your stash of diapers on the stairs is dwindling at a higher rate than it should, you may want to check and see how many diapers your daughter's baby doll is going through a day.  Chances are it is more than the human baby doll in your home!
Here we have Lindsey and her baby, Micah.  She had permission last week to use Carson's diapers for Micah.  I didn't realize that he was being changed multiple times and she was wrapping up the "used" diapers, just like I do.  (See two of them.)  Apparently, she thinks that we have a diaper tree in the back yard! :)

Be on the watch this week for our new design created with dads in mind.  They will arrive just in time for Father's day!  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Top 3 Color Choices...

for our travel cups with lid and straw.
(16 oz., BPA free)
It is time for a reorder.
What is your favorite color cup.
These are a great summer take alongs to the park, beach, pool, etc.
lime, purple, orange, pink
yellow, red
aqua, graphite

Leave me a comment with your top 3 color choices.
I'll draw a name Monday afternoon to win a FREE travel cup of their color choice.
Thanks for the help.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guard Dog

Carson has been home for almost a month--wow!  Each day we are learning more and more about each other.  I think I can honestly say that with each day we are loving each other more, too!  One thing, like all moms, I am learning to distinguish between his cries.  I could, and hope to, do a whole post on getting to know my toddler.

The other day, I heard a strange cry come from the living room.  I knew it was definitely from Carson but it didn't sound like his cries that I am getting to know.  Like every good mom, I waited a minute to see if he would do it again and he did.  I walked into the room to find him cornered by the girls' FurReal puppy dog.  The look on his face was half excited, half completely panicked.  I couldn't help but snicker!
(This is a reenactment photo.  No one was harmed.)

The girls like to keep the dogs (yes, we have two) on because then they bark and move about on their real dogs AND burn up batteries like there is no tomorrow, thank you.  Some how, it managed to get Carson trapped.  I picked him up and we talked about how nice the doggie was.  (And like a good blogger, grabbed the camera. :)  I put him back in his spot to snap a picture.

We then sat down to have an intervention with the FurReal pup.

He shared his pretzel stick with it and let me move it closer for another picture.

And then, like real dogs do, it gave a small bark and a wag of the tail and... quick as a wink,

Carson shoved that dog over, jumped up and took off.  Ha!!  I'm trying to decide if it would be mean to try again, but this time with the video camera?  

Funniest Home Video Winner Prize Money = Minus 4 or 5!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Learning To Let Go

Learning to let go isn't easy.  It involves faith, trust, hope...and many other emotions.

Our newly adopted son is learning this.  And I am learning from him.

Our nightly routine since returning home, about 3 weeks ago, is to lay down with him as he drinks a bottle and falls asleep.  This was his routine with his foster mom in Korea.  This has gone amazing well--thanks, in part, to his four siblings that completely tire him out.  There are many nights that he falls asleep before he finishes his bottle.  We then move him to his crib.

The nights I have laid with him, I have continually tried to hold the bottle for him.  I have always been saddened by the pictures of children in cribs, lining the wall, with their bottles propped up with blankets instead of a loving hand.  I started holding the very end of the bottle while his little, chubby hands gripped the middle.  I would slowly move my hand up until I was touching his fingers.  At that point, he would either roll away from me or just push my hand off, until last night.

As my hand touched his, he let go of his bottle and grasped my thumb with one hand and my pinky with the other.  Tears filled my eyes and joy filled my heart.  He was learning to let go.  He was putting his faith, trust and hope in me.

I thought of my relationship with the Lord.  I thought of the many areas in my life that I don't have faith, trust and hope in Him.  I grip tightly to so many things.  Getting to hold my son's bottle was HUGE for me.  I wnged their lives.  Because it is, in fact, WE who are the "lucky" (don't really care for that term) ones who have been changed by their example of trust, faith, hope and LOVE.

What a complete blessing and pure privilege it is to be a part of an earthly adoption.

as thinking that feeding might be one of the only things that hasn't changed in this little world.  It was the same bottle type (given to us in Korea), filled with the same Korean formula he had received since birth.  He was giving me control over, what I would think was, the last of his comfort.  That takes trust, faith and hope!

What a sweet and very simple picture of our relationship with the Lord.  We can, and should, hold tightly to the Lord off all things and loosely to earthly things.

These are the moments that instantly come to mind when people comment on how lucky Lindsey and Carson are or how WE have cha

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Shirt says it All!

This arrived in the mail last week from a friend.  It came from her cousin's new business.  What a great welcome home or shower gift...check all the different designs at