Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toddler toys

The other day we remembered a little ride-on car (two, actually...imagine that!) that we had put away in the basement.  The girls spent many hours circling the kitchen and screened in porch on those pink cars.  We thought it would be the perfect fit for Carson as the older kids were in the back riding scooters and bikes.  Not sure if it IS the perfect fit because Carson has yet to get a turn.  Take a look:

Those two rascals tied the cars together and took off up the path.  Note their clothing different and cute!  They turned around for a thrilling ride down!

The faster they went, the louder their laughter and cheers got.

And then Lucy stuck her feet down to avoid running over the camera lady and Lindsey learned about the whip-around effect.  (Remember those old skating rink days??)

I don't think Carson minded giving up his turn on the cars because he had a great view of the action from his beloved swing.

I hope you're out enjoying the beautiful weather, too!


  1. Oh, he is SO precious! I cant wait to meet him!
    Love you guys!

  2. Kelly, He is just to sweet! What a fun busy mama you must be!