Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guard Dog

Carson has been home for almost a month--wow!  Each day we are learning more and more about each other.  I think I can honestly say that with each day we are loving each other more, too!  One thing, like all moms, I am learning to distinguish between his cries.  I could, and hope to, do a whole post on getting to know my toddler.

The other day, I heard a strange cry come from the living room.  I knew it was definitely from Carson but it didn't sound like his cries that I am getting to know.  Like every good mom, I waited a minute to see if he would do it again and he did.  I walked into the room to find him cornered by the girls' FurReal puppy dog.  The look on his face was half excited, half completely panicked.  I couldn't help but snicker!
(This is a reenactment photo.  No one was harmed.)

The girls like to keep the dogs (yes, we have two) on because then they bark and move about on their real dogs AND burn up batteries like there is no tomorrow, thank you.  Some how, it managed to get Carson trapped.  I picked him up and we talked about how nice the doggie was.  (And like a good blogger, grabbed the camera. :)  I put him back in his spot to snap a picture.

We then sat down to have an intervention with the FurReal pup.

He shared his pretzel stick with it and let me move it closer for another picture.

And then, like real dogs do, it gave a small bark and a wag of the tail and... quick as a wink,

Carson shoved that dog over, jumped up and took off.  Ha!!  I'm trying to decide if it would be mean to try again, but this time with the video camera?  

Funniest Home Video Winner Prize Money = Minus 4 or 5!


  1. Soo funny! I didn't even know these toys existed! It's either burn through batteries or burn through crazy vet bills, expensive food, heartworm medicine... but I digress. Wouldn't trade our Aslan for anything, but those sure look like good substitutes! Great story!!

  2. Haven't been on your blog for awhile. So happy to see Carson is home! He is a handsome little boy and looks like he is making himself at home! Congratulations!

  3. Hi Kelly -

    I was your SWS van co-rider over to our FM's homes for our first visits. I follow along a little and it's great to see that Carson is doing so well. He's got an infectious smile.

    Take Care.

  4. Great post. Go for the prize money. Minus 4 or 5 is totally worth whatever therapy carson may need to get over the attack of the psycho battery powered dog!

  5. Love it! You have to update your Family Picture soon- What a cute little guy carson is! Have fun getting to know each other!