Thursday, December 30, 2010

My last post of 2010

We are leaving in the morning to head to my parent's house to do Christmas. Last week's snowstorm delayed our gathering until now. It has been fun having one more holiday with family to look forward to! I am very excited to ring in the new year with my parents, sister, brothers, nieces and nephews.

And so as we wind down 2010 it is with a sincere heart that I say, "thank you". When I did my first blog post (here) I wasn't sure what to expect. Let me tell you that I didn't expect to be so encouraged, supported (financially and prayerfully) and to have made so many new friends. I have enjoyed reading every comment and email. I have cheerfully packed and mailed every "got love?" order. I have read and commented on your blogs. I have found it such a privilege to pray for you and follow your adoption journeys. What a blessing to connect with so many moms that love the Lord, their children and adoption.

God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.
Hebrews 6:10

I am so happy to welcome in the new year. I am excited to follow the Lord where ever He leads my family. I am clinging to His promise to continue the good work that He has begun in me. My heart overflows with the joy of seeing the face of my fifth child. I will continue to pray for you, many who are waiting, as well. And may many of us have another stocking to hang next year! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lovin' lazy days!

The week between Christmas and New Years is one of my favorites because we never do very much. All the errands are run, the cooking is finished (LOVE leftovers!) and all the toys are new. Everyone, for the most part, is content just being home. I haven't been really dressed since Christmas afternoon. We had snow all day on Christmas and Sunday-so we haven't even left the house, except on sleds! :)

Here are a few random pictures from our Christmas week: Driving around looking at Christmas lights. And, yes, the kids are eating popsicles....tradition!
Making gingerbread boys and girls: (Lindsey worked on this one "creation" the entire time)
Lucy's girl with long hair and a purse:
Ben's boy with a top hat and gun:
Ethan's boy with a fishing pole and fish:
Tim and my favorite creations:
The boys' new hats and the gifts they gave to each other:
I am wishing I had a picture of my gift, tucked way under the Christmas tree, in a small jewelry-type gift box. I gave Tim "a look" because we weren't exchanging gifts this year...opened it..and to my surprise inside the box were 4 lego tires: to represent the van's new tires that we had put on after a flat a couple of days before Christmas!! I love that man and his sense of humor!!

With the van's tires and Tim's jeep's transmission repair the week before I am glad that the Lord gives us a hope and a future in His Son to celebrate. I feel like sometimes the stuff that the world deals us can try to steal our happiness--but my JOY is complete in Him. I hope that you had a wonderful celebration of CHRISTmas in your home!

Now..I am looking forward to eating some more chocolate and catching up on some of your posts!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I Really Want For Christmas Music Video

Do you have room on your mantel for one more stocking?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last week of Advent

"So often in my desire to celebrate Christ's birth, I miss the point of it all. Jesus was born into the real world with all of its faults and imperfections. There is a lot of pushing and shoving and noise, especially at Christmas. God's mandate calls us to live in that same real world. We do have some choices. But doing something about it is much harder than complaining. To remain elbow to elbow in the shopping mall or knee-deep in the wrapping paper, tinsel, and glitz is a choice. To seek peace and privacy in the shepherd's cave is also a choice."
~Martha Zimmerman, Celebrating the Christian Year

Enjoy this last week of Advent! Remember (and I am saying this to myself, too) to slow down--enjoy your family and friends. Take time to thank your Heavenly Father for His many gifts.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last minute Christmas shopping with Minus 1 Project

Here we are almost one week before Christmas day. Once again, the month of December seemed to go by very quickly. Every year I try to have all my shopping and errands finished by the weekend (at least 6-7 days) before Christmas so that the days leading up to Christmas aren't as rushed. We save some of our favorite ginger bread boys and girls for this time. Typically we make some gifts as well.

And so here is my lending hand to you....if you are looking for that last minute gift, we would be thrilled to help you out!! I am planning on spending some time at the post office anyway mailing our raffle prizes, so....

We have some Ugandan necklaces..great for moms, grandmothers, friends, co-workers, etc...
We have many colors and lengths. All include a tag that explains the necklaces and the women and families that the gift supports. Use the donate button, $25.00 a piece and get a FREE "got love?" car decal.

We also have several large and medium "got love?" long sleeve shirts...
Use the donate button, $18 for one or $30 for two. We only have 3 larges and 4 mediums. Be sure to specify size in the comment to seller section or send me an email.

As always, we have all sizes (including youth) in t-shirts, travel mugs, cotton totes and car decals ready to mail upon order. Thank you for considering giving a gift that gives twice! :)


Here are the GREAT GIFT RAFFLE winners, in order:

1 .Stephanie A.
2. Jody V.
3. Shannon K.
4. Amy P.
5. Darcie C.
6. Regan B.
7. Sheri P.
8. Melissa W.

I will notify you by email starting with #1 and let you know what prizes are left to choose from. Hopefully, I can get them in the mail tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Every donation brings us one step closer to paying the ransom needed to bring our son or daughter home. We appreciate all of you!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's cold out there!

The fireplace hearth has become the kids' favorite seat these days with the freezing temperatures. It is definitely the warmest place in the house...

Last entry for me about our GREAT GIFT RAFFLE. I have several back posts about the prizes. Here they are one more (last) time:


**8 Great Gift ideas--you can't win 'em if you don't enter!! 8 winners (1 per prize)

Using the Minus 1 Project Donation button:
donate $5 = 1 entry
donate $10 = 3 entries
donate $20 = 7 entries

I'll notify the winners by email and will post winners (in order) Friday noonish.

I hope you can grab a cat nap by a fireplace near you!! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What to do with Santa?

This may not be a question you've asked yourself, but as Ethan got older, we struggled a bit with this. I felt like I sat on the fence: The idea of Santa Claus is so magical, exciting and fun but it also seemed to distract from the true reason of the season. I wasn't so comfortable with telling the tale and having my children wait in anticipation of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, but I also didn't want to have the one kid who "spoiled" Christmas for all the other preschoolers!! :)

As we approached the Christmas when Ethan was 2, I read the story of the evolution of Santa Claus. I was surprised to learn that it derived from the true tale of a Christ loving man by the name of Nicholas. His love for the needy is inspirational. He demonstrated the gift of mercy as he cared for the poor.

I couldn't remember ever learning this. He died in 343 AD and his good deeds made known and people began to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Over time, with the change and corruption of leaders his saint title was altered and he became known as Father Christmas in much of the world. There is much more to the story of how this real man came to be a chubby, red suited gift giver. I think every family needs to decide how to celebrate Christmas.

With the help of Martha Zimmerman in her book Celebrating the Christian Year, we began celebrating "Sinterklass" like they do in Holland. The beauty of celebrating a holiday like this is that you can choose your day. We aim to have it around Dec. 6, but coordinate it with our tree and Christmas decorating. (We also do it on a weekend so Tim won't have to rush out to work). We read the book The Story of St. Nicolas: More Than Reindeer and a Red Suit. This is a great book with beautiful illustrations. It explains so sweetly the story of Nicholas and how today we can celebrate HIM in Santa Claus--so you can tell your kids he is real and they won't spoil anyone else's family celebrations! :) That night the kids put their shoes out because Nicholas would throw money and food through open windows. Some was always caught in the shoes and socks that were put there to dry.
(Check out sneaky Lindsey who traded her shoe for her snow boot so she could have room for more treats!) The kids woke to find a slinky and a Christmas tree lollipop in their shoes. More importantly, we kicked off the Christmas season with a very Christ-like model to remind us how we should be giving during this Advent Season.

The GREAT GIFT RAFFLE is still underway. I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the gifts you could win...but you can't win if you don't enter!! :) The Ugandan magazine necklace and one donated from my talented friend, Jody, from talk is sheep.
The signed copy of Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis.
Not pictured, but included in the raffle: Wild Olive, shirt of choice
Large "got love?" hooded sweatshirt
147 Million Orphans t-shirt
$40 Visa gift card
"got love?" t-shirt, travel mug, tote or car decal

Just to remind you. Use the donate button to enter. $5= 1 entry, $10= 3 entries, $20=7 entries

We need to extend the raffle deadline due to an out-of-town trip and lack of entries. The raffle will now end Thursday, Dec.16, at midnight and winners posted early Friday, Dec. 17. I will notify you through email so you can choose your prize! So far...everyone's a winner! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Sleeve and Hoodies are being loaded on Santa's sled!

Look what came in the mail yesterday:
I spent yesterday scrambling around for boxes. (I have a hard time paying for something if there is a way to get it for free! Especially when it comes to fundraising!!) The kids had a great time playing at a local toy and book store and I got (for free) the boxes I needed to mail the hooded sweatshirts! Win, win situation!!

Notice the pink shirt? I am thinking "spring line" for our "got love?" shirts. My sweet friend added as a gift to me..but I am thinking I could pass the love on to you all!

If you ordered a "got love?" long sleeve or hoodie it will be out in the mail this morning. If you missed the order deadline and still wanted to order one.... WE HAVE 5 MEDIUM AND 5 LARGE LONG SLEEVE extra. We also ended up with one LARGE HOODIE.
If you would like to purchase one (lg. sleeve $18, hood $25 w/ a car decal) leave me a comment or email. You can pay through the donate button.

Speaking of our donate button...if you haven't heard, we are running a GREAT GIFT RAFFLE. See the post below. Enter now, you have a great chance of winning some wonderful gifts. Right now we have more prizes than entries.......just say 'n!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis

Author Tom Davis encourages us to move beyond words and become Christ to those in need. Filled with remarkable stories of hope and mercy, Fields of the Fatherless will inspire you to love "the least of these" and discover the joy found in becoming the hands and feet of Christ.


comes from the idea I had to raffle items that would make great gifts this Christmas season. I think you will agree that any one of these items would make for a great gift to give or keep! :)
(~use our Minus 1 Project donation button on the sidebar)

For every $5.oo donation you will get one chance to win and
For every $10.00 donation you will get 3 chances to win and
For every $20.00 donation you will get 7 chances to win.

To win what?? Your choice, starting with the first name drawn. We will pick 8 names allowing the first picked to have first prize pick and so on down the line. Without further ado:

1. A large "got love?" hoodie
2. A $40.00 Visa giftcard
3. Your choice of a Wild Olive, short sleeve shirt
4. A 147 Million Orphans t-shirt
5. A copy of Fields of the Fatherless signed by Tom Davis
6. A Ugandan magazine necklace
7. A necklace from The Mama Sheep (
8. A "got love?" t-shirt, mug or tote

The raffle will run from tonight until Dec.15 at midnight. The list of winners will be posted Dec. 16th morning. I will be posting pictures of the prizes here for the next week along with stories and pictures from our home and family life.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!!


I was hoping to post a picture of the actual name drawing but my two tutu bandits (wearing them over their feety pjs--a VERY cute look) were just too silly. Remembering we have the whole day ahead, I chose not to fight this you all get to see plenty of them, anyway!! :)

Our winner is: RACHEL (a new follower and friend)

Rachel-you can email me your color choices or choose one pictured on the blog along with approximate waist size (inches) and address! Congratulations!! I know you will make some little girl very happy!!

To the rest of the ladies that posted on their blog and/or Facebook. Thank you!! We appreciate you taking the time to help us spread the word on our fundraising! I wish I could give all of a tutu.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Don't forget to check out our GREAT GIFT RAFFLE going on now. Another great way to shop!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great Gift Raffle

I have watched and participated as raffles have come and gone on many blogs. (I did win a t-shirt once!) And I thought...I can do that, maybe. So here is my attempt at a raffle. The title


comes from the idea I had to raffle items that would make great gifts this Christmas season. I think you will agree that any one of these items would make for a great gift to give or keep! :)
(~use our Minus 1 Project donation button on the sidebar)

For every $5.oo donation you will get one chance to win and
For every $10.00 donation you will get 3 chances to win and
For every $20.00 donation you will get 7 chances to win.

To win what?? Your choice, starting with the first name drawn. We will pick 8 names allowing the first picked to have first prize pick and so on down the line. Without further ado:

1. A large "got love?" hoodie
2. A $40.00 Visa giftcard
3. Your choice of a Wild Olive, short sleeve shirt
4. A 147 Million Orphans t-shirt
5. A copy of Fields of the Fatherless signed by Tom Davis
6. A Ugandan magazine necklace
7. A necklace from The Mama Sheep (
8. A "got love?" t-shirt, mug or tote

The raffle will run from tonight until Dec.15 at midnight. The list of winners will be posted Dec. 16th morning. I will be posting pictures of the prizes here for the next week along with stories and pictures from our home and family life.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!!

Oh, so cute!!

I know I have already posted pictures of Suzanne's, One Less Broken Heart, tutus girls' came in the mail yesterday and I decided that pictures don't do them justice!! Honestly, they are so well made and just plain fun! Lindsey and Lucy were so excited to receive them!!
I have seen tutus at many stores for the same price and honestly none of them are as well made as these. The tule is thick with matching ribbon--the waist band is expandable--making them wearable for years!!
You can even custom order--choosing favorite colors or matching it to a favorite shirt or tights!

Thank you to all who have reposted about our blog. We will draw a tutu winner tomorrow!

GREAT GIFT RAFFLE will be posted this evening. (We are waiting to hear back from a couple of donations) In the mean time consider who would love to have a colored tutu under the tree and order--you will not be disappointed!!
Thank you, Suzanne!! Your generosity and talent are a true blessing from the Lord!!
If you haven't yet, go over to One Less Broken Heart, many of you have already posted for our family, so you may be eligible to be entered in her hand-made creations give away!! I would love for Suzanne to receive from comments and love for all her hard work!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

GiVe AwAy and great gift raffle

Coming this week to Minus 1 Project:

~~a tutu of your choice GiVe AwAy!! All you need to do is post about our blog and/ or put it on facebook-each gives you one entry (leave me a comment and let me know what you did). Winner chosen Wed. morning at 10:00 am!!

~~Tuesday morning starts our GREAT GIFT RAFFLE!! We have some great gifts to be raffled off...just in time for Christmas!

You picked a great week to follow our blog!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

We are teaming up!

Minus 1 Project is excited to announce that we are teaming up with One Less Broken Heart to sell: TUTUS !! #1, #2

These adorable tutus are hand-made (to your color choosing) by Suzanne at One Less Broken Heart. I will be featuring already made tutus or you can choose your color(s)!

Red, yellow, baby maize, emerald, fuchsia, pink, lt. pink, shocking pink, purple, lavender, plum, navy, lt. blue, smoke blue, copenhengen, apple green, and/or willow!

CUSTOM MADE TUTUS FOR $20.00 OR 2 for $35.00 #3

Be sure to stop by Suzanne's blog, One Less Broken Heart, for a fun GIVEAWAY from this talented and creative lady with a huge heart for families and orphans!

BONUS, BONUS, BONUS!! Place an order for a tutu this weekend and we will throw in a "got love?" decal! Every girl loves a tutu, right?? Another opportunity to buy a gift that gives twice!
Check back for more pictures as we update! #5
Order this weekend, Dec. 3-5, any tutu and get a FREE "got love?" decal!! A gift to give and a gift to keep--or 2 gifts to give! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So...why all the traditions?

When Tim and I married long ago, I knew I wanted to have strong family traditions. I wanted to establish certain things we could do each year for certain celebrations, as well as, family time. Some we did when it was just the two of us-like the Tree of Thanksgiving-others we started when Ethan was born and we continue to add some each year.


Doesn't this add to your "to do list" you might ask. My answer would be "yes". But it is things that I love to do. I think it is very important! Family traditions are just that...FAMILY traditions. We have so many things in our lives that include others--church, sports, clubs, etc.. These are great things that I want to be involved in but I am very protective of our family times. Times when it is just us--growing and enjoying one another, hopefully strengthening our relationships.

I would recommend the book Celebrating the Christian Year by Martha Zimmerman. I love this book and the fact that she agrees with my view on family traditions doesn't hurt either! :)

"Jesus taught that the His Father's desire for us was not a religion but life. The best way to experience joy in that life is through meaningful relationships. How do relationships happen? What causes a relationship to grow? relationships grow as people experience things together. It is psychologically true in relationships that doing things for the one you love increases your love for that person. Observing family traditions is one way to demonstrate your love for the Lord. At the same time your actions are speaking volumes to your children, and all the while the love between you and them is growing."

I really think that having these special little things we do together creates a common bond between us. Especially the boys as they grow older. I have so enjoyed listening to the boys tell the girls about what we are going to do on this day or that--and just when I think "oh, maybe this year we'll skip that part" I hear the kids talking in anticipation about it. And I realize that it IS important to them. Their family and it's silly and serious traditions are important to them.

This morning the kids woke up to find our Christmas countdown thingy out. We open a door a day to find a note, verse, project, or candy inside.
Dec. 1st door opened to "Prepare a road for the Lord through the wilderness, clear a highway across the desert for our God...thus shall the Glory of the Lord be revealed" Isaiah 40:3,5

As we begin this season of Advent, I pray that you and your family will find special ways to "prepare a road for the Lord" in your busy schedules. December is full of traditions in our house, that I am happy to share. I would love to hear of any of your family traditions, as I am always open to more!

"Handwoven fabrics are special! Like babies and snowflakes, no two are ever exactly the same. Families are like tapestry. Many threads run through each piece. As you participate with the Lord in the weaving of your family, choose the threads carefully. Remember time helps to hold the fabric together."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Simply Thankful

Our Thanksgiving holiday and weekend went by all too quickly. My brother and his family came to stay with us for a few days. It was great to have them here--our plan is for them to come stay with the girls while Tim, the boys, and I travel to Korea. I wish I had taken pictures with them--the kids had a great time doing "shows", riding scooters and roller blades, and just hanging out.

In the middle of the month, we did our traditional (remember how I am about traditions?!) tree of thankfulness. It starts with a walk to find the perfect broken branch on the ground. We put it in a glass vase filled with marbles or sand. (It makes for a very fun and colorful center piece.) We take turns writing or drawing on the leaves, then sharing what we are thankful for. Not so pleased with the picture, but here it is:
The leaves always range from sweet to silly to serious. This was one of my favorites this year. I can't remember which girl drew this one because they each did one, but I got a picture of Lindsey holding this one.
Can you tell what that is? The kids were all thankful for their little brother or sister in Korea!

And as I sat listening to each child and Tim share and thank God for what they put on their leaf--I smiled with thankfulness. I listened to a little girl, who was orphaned for reasons we will never know, pray for Jesus to bring her baby home.

So, this is where I thought I could come up with some really spiritual saying, to sound impressive and holy-like, but simply put.... I am thankful.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

We are pulling the plug...

on our paypal button for the "got love?" long sleeves and hoodies tomorrow (Monday, November 29th) at noon. A huge thank you to all that placed orders. I'll email you when they are in and ready to mail @ December 9th!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

48 hours left..

to order long sleeve and hooded sweatshirts with the BOLD and SIMPLE of adoption:

got love?

147 million orphans

We are placing the order for the long sleeve and hoodies Monday morning. We should have them ready to mail to you around Dec. 9.

LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS are 2 for $30, OR $18 a piece
HOODED SWEATSHIRTS are $25 and includes a free CAR DECAL

We still have plenty of t-shirts (all sizes), cotton totes, travel mugs and car decals (which make a great stocking stuffer!).

These makes good gifts for any and all advocates for adoption AND it helps us bring home our son or daughter. A GIFT THAT GIVES TWICE!!

-we have something new coming to the Minus 1 Project blogspot. it isn't a "got love?" item--but it is a super cute gift for all the girls on your list. Check back on Monday and be the first to place an order!!-

Thursday, November 25, 2010



~We are enjoying time with family. I hope that you all are spending the day in thanks for all that you have and mostly for God's gift of His Son. Let us be preparing our hearts for the advent season to come! ~

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bear Grylls in the Making!

Tim and Ethan set out on the Appalachian Trail Saturday morning for a hike and camp out. Ethan is our big survival, outdoors, start-a-fire-with-two-rocks, stick whittling kid. He loves to be outside and is sure that he can survive any catastrophe.
He has read and reread his survival handbook preparing for this adventure. (He cracks us up!!)
Despite trying to sleep in 35 degree weather...they had a wonderful, bonding time. I am so thankful that Tim enjoys this kind of thing...
because I am a more stay-at-home kind of lady. I did, however, make popcorn balls with the other three and painted the kitchen door "perfect plum"! (Of which I don't have any pictures, trust me it is very pretty! :)
Any one else out there know who Bear Grylls is??? First one to answer correctly wins a "got love?" car decal! :) Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I lied....not on purpose!

My previous post stated that we would take orders through tomorrow for our


but that was a lie!! Sorry. After talking with our printer people-who are swamped-we are going to take order until Sunday, November 28. All orders will ship to you around December 10...still in time for Christmas!! that we have more time to take orders for our


We are having a SALE, SALE, SALE, SALE, SALE....
You all know the cost of need to do some shopping love and support here is YOUR chance!!


What a deal!! You also get to feel great about helping our family pay the ransom to bring home Apisa #5~~ Don't delay!!
Adopting a child won't change the world, but it will change the world for that child.
Together we CAN make a difference!

And a huge thank you to all of you who have donated and purchased!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got your "got love?" winter gear?

We are still taking orders for our long sleeved shirts and hoodies. LAST DAY TO ORDER IS FRIDAY!! Saturday morning we will place the order. (We are planning on order some extra to sell, but to insure we have your size, it is best to preorder before Sat.) You can still order our t-shirt, travel mug or/and tote.

But wait....have you seen our newest car decal? (It is the PERFECT stocking stuffer.) In case you missed it. Here it is:
My boys are requesting that someone local buy one. They think that it would be pretty cool to spot one while out driving--I have to agree, that would make my day!!

Did I mention what I did last week? In one word: BIRTHDAYS!! It so happens that three of my four kiddos' birthdays fall within 5 days of each other. So we started the birthday week off with Lucille's 4th:
A day of peace and rest and then we celebrated Ethan's twelfth:
Did our best to complete two days of school before celebrating Benjamin's tenth:
Needless to say, I was thrilled when we found out that Lindsey had a summer birthday! Birthday week was fun, but I it was a nice feeling to put the "Happy Birthday" banner away for a while.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seven Correct Guesses!!!

Thank you for all the guesses! We had fun reading them and they even gave us some ideas for our next item. As the title states, there were seven comments guessing bumper sticker or car decal/window cling. We put those names in a bowl and picked:
Armstrong family-send me an email with your address. I hope you like your new "got love?" car decal.

I think it was the first clue that had people second guessing their guess. The clue referred more to the car (may empty and fill it several times a day) than the actual decal, but it was the first one and it needed to be a bit tricky.

I am VERY excited about our car decal. What a fun and easy way to spread the adoption message. The audience will be huge--the message simple. I couldn't wait to put one on our van.
These are ready to mail starting tomorrow. Only $5.00. Let's be the voice...spread the message.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture of the day from Tim

Tim spends a good bit of time in his car traveling to job sites. Occasionally during the day he will send me pictures from his travels. I received this picture with the email subject line reading, "picture of the day...yes, that is snow!" I opened the attachment to see this:
About 45 minutes later, I received another email with the subject line reading,"OK, now THIS is the picture of the day". I pictured another beautiful landscape or wild animal and almost fell out of my seat when the attachment opened to this:
Is that not hysterical?? Have you ever seen anything so strange?? I love that my husband thought to take the picture, while driving very safely, I am sure, to make me smile during my day! He knows me so well!!

We have had some great guesses...can't tell you if any were correct. I will share that it is NOT a "got love?" dishwasher (empty and fill) or a human bladder (thank you Mr. Anonymous). It also is NOT "got love?" sweatpants with the logo on the behind. (And on the side--if you or your daughter own any of those..get rid of them!)

CLUE #4: It will open others' eyes but might hinder your view!!

Leave your guess and you might just win one!! The big reveal will be on Sunday evening--also will be ready to order and mail out. This is one for EVERY adoption supporter--

~~please, consider ordering a long sleeve or hoodie~~ great Christmas gift for the colder weather. We will take orders through Nov. 18 and will mail out 12/1. Merry shopping!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why "got love?"?

This is a post from several months ago when we were first introducing our "got love?" fundraising theme. I was thinking with all the Christmas shopping links, there are many who are visiting our blog for the first time. I decided to repost an earlier post from our blog.

For all of you that have been on the edge of your seats pondering day and night what it takes to adopt....your wait is over!! I think everyone, whether you have adopted or not, know how long and detailed the process is. It does take a lot of things..I don't in anyway want to minimize that.

CALLING--I would venture to say the first thing you would need was a calling from the Lord, who is true and active in the lives of His children. Is every person called to adopt? I don't think so, but I do think that more believers ARE and miss it. How are we loving our neighbor when so many of them are hungry, sad and lonely? Are we forgetting to care for the fatherless? Get real with the Lord and don't be afraid to ask him.."do you desire for me to adopt?" GOT A CALLING?

MONEY--That one is no secret, but neither is the fact that the Lord will fund what He has called you to. He cares for you and will continually provide for your needs. (That may not include all those "wants" that we have.) GOT TRUST?

TIME AND PATIENCE FOR PAPERWORK, APPTS., ETC--We make time in our lives for what we see as important. The mounds of paperwork and requirements slowly dwindle and get done. GOT A NOTARY?

~And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1Cor 13:13
~For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish by have eternal life. John 3:16

got love?
147 million orphans

Clue #3: From near to far, from here to there, you'll spread the adoption message everywhere!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back home and ready to ask...

the Lord, "What is my kingdom assignment?"

I just got home from the Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit. It was AWESOME!!! I traveled with my friend who is also an adoptive mom (from Korea) and has such a heart for adoption and orphan care. We listened to great speakers, gathered information for our church's adoption/foster care ministry and met some blogging friends!!

I have been looking forward to this get-away for months. I was excited to learn more about getting our church on board with adoption/foster care. And as if trying to leave for a weekend isn't crazy enough, about an hour before I was to be picked up....
Never fails, does it? At least I returned to a very clean stovetop and floor!!

The conference was so encouraging--loads of information that will take time to sort through. I am looking forward to sharing some of it on here. But, for now, it was great to get back home to Tim and the kids. They had a fun, busy weekend without me. Not so sure what to think, when the newest picture on the camera is this:

(I am thinking dads, at least in our house, are much more fun than mom(s).)

'GOT LOVE?' NEWS: We are taking orders for long sleeved and hoodies through Nov. 18th. Preorder yours today!! We will mail orders out on 12/1!

CLUE #2: You will leave the message of adoption behind you where ever you go and others will look forward to it.
(remember to leave us a guess as to what you think the newest "got love?" item is. Those who guess correctly will be entered in to win one!)