Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seven Correct Guesses!!!

Thank you for all the guesses! We had fun reading them and they even gave us some ideas for our next item. As the title states, there were seven comments guessing bumper sticker or car decal/window cling. We put those names in a bowl and picked:
Armstrong family-send me an email with your address. I hope you like your new "got love?" car decal.

I think it was the first clue that had people second guessing their guess. The clue referred more to the car (may empty and fill it several times a day) than the actual decal, but it was the first one and it needed to be a bit tricky.

I am VERY excited about our car decal. What a fun and easy way to spread the adoption message. The audience will be huge--the message simple. I couldn't wait to put one on our van.
These are ready to mail starting tomorrow. Only $5.00. Let's be the voice...spread the message.


  1. I want one, will there be a button up tomorrow??? :) How fun!

  2. YEAH! YEAH! First off, I think it is a great idea. Second, when I guessed that I really didn't think I was right. (because of your sneaky first clue.) Thanks, Kelli! When I get mine I will take a picture and blog about it. Hopefully I can send some sales your way.

  3. YEAH! I guessed right! (Well... my SECOND guess was right!! LOL!) I LOVE it! As soon as your button is up, I would love to buy one or two too! GREAT product!

  4. WOOHOO! Even though I didn't win, I had a fun time guessing.

    I will be placing an order. LOVE IT!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on your adoption. Will follow your journey!

  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog ... yes, we are still selling the t-shirts. You can go to this site:
    to order ... And I LOVE your window decals. So cute! What a great idea!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Music For Compassion! Colors of Love would be over the moon if you bought her crayons! Thank You! If interested, the family adoption blog is

    Have a great Wednesday!

  8. Just ordered mine! I can't WAIT!!! What a wonderful way to spread the message!