Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bear Grylls in the Making!

Tim and Ethan set out on the Appalachian Trail Saturday morning for a hike and camp out. Ethan is our big survival, outdoors, start-a-fire-with-two-rocks, stick whittling kid. He loves to be outside and is sure that he can survive any catastrophe.
He has read and reread his survival handbook preparing for this adventure. (He cracks us up!!)
Despite trying to sleep in 35 degree weather...they had a wonderful, bonding time. I am so thankful that Tim enjoys this kind of thing...
because I am a more stay-at-home kind of lady. I did, however, make popcorn balls with the other three and painted the kitchen door "perfect plum"! (Of which I don't have any pictures, trust me it is very pretty! :)
Any one else out there know who Bear Grylls is??? First one to answer correctly wins a "got love?" car decal! :) Happy Monday!


  1. HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT??? Awesome! Is he in Boy Scouts? I have always wanted to go on the Appalachian trail... some day!
    We LOVE Man vs. Wild, Bear is just flat out amazing!!

  2. Looks like a great dad-son time. I am more the stay-at-home, sleep-in-my-own-bed kind of lady too!!

  3. Isn't he the youngest Briton to climb Everest??? And does speaking, etc. How cool! Looks like they had a blast!

  4. ack, pictures of a MONSTER on here!!;) glad they had fun and didnt freeze

  5. I know my kiddos love to watch Bear eat all the gross things on his TV show while he is conquering the wild!! BTW I love the car decals!

  6. Bear Grylls- is the guy who is the primary person in Man Vs. Wild of which we have watched A LOT of episodes. He was in the British Special Forces and has been given a special award by the Boy Scouts as well. LOVE HIM!!! Our family watches all of his fun adventures. Since we are all the campy types :) I love hiking and cooking over the fire. I tell my hubby that is the only place I am actually a good cook is when it is over the fire :) he he he....oh yeah and Bear sometimes likes to wear just his British boxers...he he he don't worry moms they bleep it out. But it is too funny because Jason is from England and he has those same boxers :) TMI!!!!!

  7. Great pictures!! Jody and my brother hiked on the AT years ago! Quite an adventure!!!