Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got your "got love?" winter gear?

We are still taking orders for our long sleeved shirts and hoodies. LAST DAY TO ORDER IS FRIDAY!! Saturday morning we will place the order. (We are planning on order some extra to sell, but to insure we have your size, it is best to preorder before Sat.) You can still order our t-shirt, travel mug or/and tote.

But wait....have you seen our newest car decal? (It is the PERFECT stocking stuffer.) In case you missed it. Here it is:
My boys are requesting that someone local buy one. They think that it would be pretty cool to spot one while out driving--I have to agree, that would make my day!!

Did I mention what I did last week? In one word: BIRTHDAYS!! It so happens that three of my four kiddos' birthdays fall within 5 days of each other. So we started the birthday week off with Lucille's 4th:
A day of peace and rest and then we celebrated Ethan's twelfth:
Did our best to complete two days of school before celebrating Benjamin's tenth:
Needless to say, I was thrilled when we found out that Lindsey had a summer birthday! Birthday week was fun, but I it was a nice feeling to put the "Happy Birthday" banner away for a while.


  1. I cannot believe Ben is 10-do you rememeber I met you when he was 6 weeks old???? He's still a little "off" from being pancaked by that kid, hahahaha, j/k!! I am so glad I have known you for a decade, I am so blessed by your friendship!! :) And I was also totally remembering coming to see you in the hospital when Lucy-goose was just hours old and little Callie was just a few days old, herself-so fun! Thanks for not hating me for just popping on in to your hospital room unannounced, haha!!

  2. ps-word verif was "lightfr"--why yes, i believe we shall, dontcha think??? oooh, maybe that can be the first song we mime-carol....

  3. Happy, happy birthday to your kiddos! LOVE the car decal but I am apparently ad dork as I don't see how to order one! Help!

  4. Happy Birthday to your kiddos! I understand about birthday week. My sister and I have birthdays 3 days apart. My kiddos and hubby all celebrate their birthdays the first half of May...1st, 5th and 17th. Thats a lot of cake! :)

  5. What a busy week! Happy Birthday to everyone!! It looks like a lot of fun though. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you...and you...and you! How about that annual Valentine's Day celebration!

  7. You have even a crazier b-day season than we do:) I know the feeling of relief when its over.