Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture of the day from Tim

Tim spends a good bit of time in his car traveling to job sites. Occasionally during the day he will send me pictures from his travels. I received this picture with the email subject line reading, "picture of the day...yes, that is snow!" I opened the attachment to see this:
About 45 minutes later, I received another email with the subject line reading,"OK, now THIS is the picture of the day". I pictured another beautiful landscape or wild animal and almost fell out of my seat when the attachment opened to this:
Is that not hysterical?? Have you ever seen anything so strange?? I love that my husband thought to take the picture, while driving very safely, I am sure, to make me smile during my day! He knows me so well!!

We have had some great guesses...can't tell you if any were correct. I will share that it is NOT a "got love?" dishwasher (empty and fill) or a human bladder (thank you Mr. Anonymous). It also is NOT "got love?" sweatpants with the logo on the behind. (And on the side--if you or your daughter own any of those..get rid of them!)

CLUE #4: It will open others' eyes but might hinder your view!!

Leave your guess and you might just win one!! The big reveal will be on Sunday evening--also will be ready to order and mail out. This is one for EVERY adoption supporter--

~~please, consider ordering a long sleeve or hoodie~~ great Christmas gift for the colder weather. We will take orders through Nov. 18 and will mail out 12/1. Merry shopping!!


  1. Ok, still sounds like a bumper sticker to me... :) Can't wait to see what it is on Sunday!

  2. What's black and white and sticky all over...the back....

    Love Tim's picture, where was he exactly???

  3. A hat??
    you fill it with your head? with writing on the back of the hat too??

  4. You got me! I am HORRIBLE at things like that. I need to learn to think outside the box. ;) Can't wait to hear what it is!

  5. bumber sticker or hat??? funny pic

  6. We attended an foster care/adoption awareness event yesterday and I wore my "Got Love?" shirt. GREAT message! I can't wait to see what the "new" item will be.

    Any chance it's a zip-up hoodie with the message on the back? ;)

  7. it.....

    A window cling to put on your back window of your car/van?