Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back home and ready to ask...

the Lord, "What is my kingdom assignment?"

I just got home from the Mid-Atlantic Orphan Summit. It was AWESOME!!! I traveled with my friend who is also an adoptive mom (from Korea) and has such a heart for adoption and orphan care. We listened to great speakers, gathered information for our church's adoption/foster care ministry and met some blogging friends!!

I have been looking forward to this get-away for months. I was excited to learn more about getting our church on board with adoption/foster care. And as if trying to leave for a weekend isn't crazy enough, about an hour before I was to be picked up....
Never fails, does it? At least I returned to a very clean stovetop and floor!!

The conference was so encouraging--loads of information that will take time to sort through. I am looking forward to sharing some of it on here. But, for now, it was great to get back home to Tim and the kids. They had a fun, busy weekend without me. Not so sure what to think, when the newest picture on the camera is this:

(I am thinking dads, at least in our house, are much more fun than mom(s).)

'GOT LOVE?' NEWS: We are taking orders for long sleeved and hoodies through Nov. 18th. Preorder yours today!! We will mail orders out on 12/1!

CLUE #2: You will leave the message of adoption behind you where ever you go and others will look forward to it.
(remember to leave us a guess as to what you think the newest "got love?" item is. Those who guess correctly will be entered in to win one!)


  1. I'm going to guess a backpack ;-)

    LOVE your products!! Good luck!

  2. HaHa!! LOVE this picture! I know at our house too, Daddy is way more fun than Mommy! :)

  3. Hmmm no idea on the item....but very curious!

    Love those pics and yes daddy's are more fun because well- they are usually a lot more laid back in their approach. Makes me laugh because it is a sign of a great dad!

  4. OH my goodness that pic is FANTASTIC:) I'm sure they had a blast. Dad is MUCH more fun than mom around here;)
    I'm thinking your next item is some kind of tin to hold candy or something;0)

  5. It's a bumper sticker!! Has to be! How cool! I can't wait to see it! :)

  6. Wait...I just read the clue number one and now I am rethinking this guess..I'll get back to you!

  7. Um... I am thinking a backpack too??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of her jumping! Just awesome. I cannot wait to hear more about your weekend. The feel the Lord is really leading me to start something at our church. I will need all the help I can get! ;)

  8. Hi, this is Joy that you met at the Mid-Atlantic Orphan summit. My blog is

  9. at first I thought water bottle but now I don't know. Love the pic!! Dad is way more fun around here too:)

  10. Bag with little candies/chocolates with Got Love logo?!? Empty and fill and leave behind...hmm.

    Love the pictures! Especially flying through the air onto...the fort?!?

  11. Ooo water bottle is a good idea like Abby mentioned.

    No problem about blogging about our shirts. I TOTALLY understand:) and again... I LOVE that pic of your little one flying through the air. I'm certain that could win a photo contest!

  12. Got your blog listed on my post

    Stop by my fundraising blog, become a follower, help spread the word

    Team One Less Broken Heart
    Bringing them home, one orphan at a time

  13. Thanks for the comment, WOW you remembered my blog! Great to meet you ladies and i will be following along on your journey! I did send you an email, hope you got it! Can't wait to see and SHARE the pic! I will post something aout your fundrasier too!

  14. A bumper sticker or car magnet???

    Can't wait to find out =)

  15. Sweatpants with logo on the behind! ;)

  16. Oh my gooooooooodness BEST picture Evaaaaaaah! :) ha ha!! ♥ LOVE ♥ it!!! :)

    hmmm.... my guess is another FABO T-Shirt??? :)

  17. LOVE your picture!!! Daddy is more fun at our house too!

    I'm going to guess a bumper sticker or car magnet.

  18. Umm...(cheating? again)...a backpack?