Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh, so cute!!

I know I have already posted pictures of Suzanne's, One Less Broken Heart, tutus girls' came in the mail yesterday and I decided that pictures don't do them justice!! Honestly, they are so well made and just plain fun! Lindsey and Lucy were so excited to receive them!!
I have seen tutus at many stores for the same price and honestly none of them are as well made as these. The tule is thick with matching ribbon--the waist band is expandable--making them wearable for years!!
You can even custom order--choosing favorite colors or matching it to a favorite shirt or tights!

Thank you to all who have reposted about our blog. We will draw a tutu winner tomorrow!

GREAT GIFT RAFFLE will be posted this evening. (We are waiting to hear back from a couple of donations) In the mean time consider who would love to have a colored tutu under the tree and order--you will not be disappointed!!
Thank you, Suzanne!! Your generosity and talent are a true blessing from the Lord!!
If you haven't yet, go over to One Less Broken Heart, many of you have already posted for our family, so you may be eligible to be entered in her hand-made creations give away!! I would love for Suzanne to receive from comments and love for all her hard work!!


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I so love supporting all families who put their amazing faith into acitons by adopting! It's close to my heart!
    Keeping y'all in my prayers!
    Love Rachel

  2. Those are too cute...if my sister-in-law ends up having a girl (due Jan 3rd)...I am going to have to buy her one since we are buying all camo & boys clothes :)

  3. Kelly...just letting you know I found you through Filled with Praise's blog, and just placed an order. So glad to be able to help out in any small way we can. I was so struck by that verse you shared in Proverbs...our heart and eyes were opened even further when we went to China over 5 years ago now too. How wonderful that you are still continuing the journey. I hope you have room for another follower. ;-)

  4. Your girls are so darn cute!! Glad they fit.

    Let's rock and roll and build your adoption fund!

    Team One Less Broken Heart

  5. Very cute! And, how cool that you have found a kindred spirit to help you all in your fundraising! What a blessing!