Monday, December 27, 2010

Lovin' lazy days!

The week between Christmas and New Years is one of my favorites because we never do very much. All the errands are run, the cooking is finished (LOVE leftovers!) and all the toys are new. Everyone, for the most part, is content just being home. I haven't been really dressed since Christmas afternoon. We had snow all day on Christmas and Sunday-so we haven't even left the house, except on sleds! :)

Here are a few random pictures from our Christmas week: Driving around looking at Christmas lights. And, yes, the kids are eating popsicles....tradition!
Making gingerbread boys and girls: (Lindsey worked on this one "creation" the entire time)
Lucy's girl with long hair and a purse:
Ben's boy with a top hat and gun:
Ethan's boy with a fishing pole and fish:
Tim and my favorite creations:
The boys' new hats and the gifts they gave to each other:
I am wishing I had a picture of my gift, tucked way under the Christmas tree, in a small jewelry-type gift box. I gave Tim "a look" because we weren't exchanging gifts this year...opened it..and to my surprise inside the box were 4 lego tires: to represent the van's new tires that we had put on after a flat a couple of days before Christmas!! I love that man and his sense of humor!!

With the van's tires and Tim's jeep's transmission repair the week before I am glad that the Lord gives us a hope and a future in His Son to celebrate. I feel like sometimes the stuff that the world deals us can try to steal our happiness--but my JOY is complete in Him. I hope that you had a wonderful celebration of CHRISTmas in your home!

Now..I am looking forward to eating some more chocolate and catching up on some of your posts!!


  1. Lindsey's gingerbread is decorated like Avery's cookies! (every topping possible!!)

  2. I love this week too... nothing pressing, just fun, relaxing!!! I bought 2 more tutus too!!

  3. Love it too.....because the world is still preparing for the new year. So it is like they are all holding their breath waiting.

  4. I had to laugh as I read your blog post. I could so relate, I could have written it myself. We purchased two brand new tires on Christmas Eve (will have to get the other two SOON). Thankful that we were able to find ONE repair shop with two tires in stock and open for another hour.

    While we walked the road to bring our lil man home we too faced numerous financial obstacles.

    He will carry you.

  5. You are one fun momma! You go girl! And I am SO with you on the tires. We bought our airline tickets for all 6 of us....8 on the way back...and the next day had to replace two tires. Joy. Ugh! Looks like you guys had a great day!

  6. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for supporting and keeping up with our adoption too! We really appreciate your donation!

    We can relate about the tires too... had a blowout on the 500 mile trip to my parents for Christmas and had to get 2 new front tires on Christmas Eve:)

  7. I know what you mean about low-key and relaxing. We had sickness all weekend, so we are REALLY being lazy and making NO plans for the week!

  8. I there! I'm a new follower. I saw a post about you on another blog along with a got love sweatshirt. Do you still have sweatshirts? I'd love one it so! :)

  9. Love this week too!! Going to try to really soak in some relaxing, down-time at home with the family before 2011 hits!! Love the holiday pictures!!