Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Sleeve and Hoodies are being loaded on Santa's sled!

Look what came in the mail yesterday:
I spent yesterday scrambling around for boxes. (I have a hard time paying for something if there is a way to get it for free! Especially when it comes to fundraising!!) The kids had a great time playing at a local toy and book store and I got (for free) the boxes I needed to mail the hooded sweatshirts! Win, win situation!!

Notice the pink shirt? I am thinking "spring line" for our "got love?" shirts. My sweet friend added as a gift to me..but I am thinking I could pass the love on to you all!

If you ordered a "got love?" long sleeve or hoodie it will be out in the mail this morning. If you missed the order deadline and still wanted to order one.... WE HAVE 5 MEDIUM AND 5 LARGE LONG SLEEVE extra. We also ended up with one LARGE HOODIE.
If you would like to purchase one (lg. sleeve $18, hood $25 w/ a car decal) leave me a comment or email. You can pay through the donate button.

Speaking of our donate button...if you haven't heard, we are running a GREAT GIFT RAFFLE. See the post below. Enter now, you have a great chance of winning some wonderful gifts. Right now we have more prizes than entries.......just say 'n!!!


  1. LOVE the pink! I am not a black shirt person, but would wear the pink every day! OK, maybe not EVERY day! :)

  2. I had on my "got love" this evening as we attended Toy Story 3 on Ice. :)

    LOVE the pink!!! Just say'n.

    Need to enter the raffle still.

  3. I cannot wait to get my hoodie this week...we have a monsoon in WA and that would be awesome for this week :)

  4. Thanks so much Kelly for stopping by our blog and loving on our family! I love your sweatshirts and am adding one to my Christmas list! Praying for your family as you await your referral from South Korea!