Monday, May 14, 2012

Color and Cup winners

After reading through the comments left here and on facebook (go "like" Minus 1 Project (-1) page), the top choices, in order, were pink, purple, lime, aqua, red, orange, graphite and yellow.  I'll be working up and placing an order today of ALL colors but more of the most popular ones.

Amy J.--you have been chosen!  Email me, or message me on facebook, your address and color choice.  As soon as the new shipment arrives (about 10 days), I'll send one your way.

Thank you for taking the time to comment your suggestion.  As a group thank you (I wish I could give everyone a cup but that would defeat the whole purpose! :) I lowered the travel cup price on the fundraising site for JUST THIS WEEK.   Order you top color choice(s) this week only for $9.95, plus shipping.  Saturday, noon, the price returns to $12.95.

Order them up today,

And a small lesson to, I hope, make you smile.

If your stash of diapers on the stairs is dwindling at a higher rate than it should, you may want to check and see how many diapers your daughter's baby doll is going through a day.  Chances are it is more than the human baby doll in your home!
Here we have Lindsey and her baby, Micah.  She had permission last week to use Carson's diapers for Micah.  I didn't realize that he was being changed multiple times and she was wrapping up the "used" diapers, just like I do.  (See two of them.)  Apparently, she thinks that we have a diaper tree in the back yard! :)

Be on the watch this week for our new design created with dads in mind.  They will arrive just in time for Father's day!  

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