Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adoption Rock Stars...

We are placing our next order for the Adopt on! shirts this week.
Sizes run from youth XS to adult XXXL.

~The long wait can make you a bit of a nutball. There are days that it seems like your child won't ever come home BUT
~The financial cost is staggering and can be quite intimidating, BUT
~You may not always hear the most encouraging stories or advice, BUT
~From the wise Sonia Martin, "But the last I checked my goal isn't to take up residence on Easy St. I think that is a crowded, overpopulated neighborhood. Go. Serve. Love. Be more like Him." Take that leap or small step of faith. In the face of uncertainty and lots of "what ifs" trust in the One who won't let you fall and


  1. Awesome! Love the post! :) Love Sonia's words! And who are you calling a nutball?!? Just kidding - I call myself that all the time!

  2. I had on my black "adopt on!" shirt today while sitting in the Surgical waiting room - it opened a door to share our heart for the orphans. I simply LOVE every oppurtunity to share.

    Is the grey available in unisex fit??? If so, I am ordering that one too.

  3. Especially for Jennifer--the grey is, in fact, unisex. It is just a soft spun cotton that is a bit straighter cut but I can wear the same size in that as I do in the other colors. Not that you have to order it now...but you could and I think you would be happy with the softness and cut. (If not we would be happy to exchange or refund.)