Tuesday, March 6, 2012

EP Movement Sale Celebration!

Yesterday it was, in fact, confirmed that the Ministry began processing Exit Permissions.

(If you are late in this game, that is the last thing Carson needs before we can travel to bring him home...forever!)

I'm not totally sure why, but our agency, unlike others, will not be notified of if or when we are submitted, just that we are cleared for travel.
So, best case scenario, if we were in the first batch, we most likely wouldn't hear until next week or so, after C's EP was processed.

So, in the meantime, we'll celebrate with a SaLe.
A Minus 1 t-shirt sale.
You pick the color/size available (limited)
you pick the donation amount.

We mail you the shirt.
Help us finish out our Minus 1 Project.

Here are your color/size choices. (I'll do my best to update.)
1 adult medium
2 adult large

1 adult small
1 adult medium
2 adult large
2 adult Xlarge
1 adult XXlarge

White t-shirt with black print
(small Minus 1 Project on back, picture on the fundraising site.)
2 adult small
4 adult medium
3 adult large
3 adult Xlarge
2 adult XXlarge

Feel free to email,, before donating to be sure that we still have your color/size choice.

I can't wait to share, later this week, how we have been preparing for our son's homecoming...minus 1 project almost complete!

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  1. Hurray! Come on TCs and referrals! :) Things are starting to move! Hugs.