Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year in Review

To close out my blogging year, I thought I would choose one picture from each month in 2012.

Here goes:

January.  We sent off Carson's care package.
 February.  Ben picked out Carson's bedding since they would soon be roommates.
 March.  The girls continually moved Carson's referral picture around the house with their other babies..
April.  Finally!!  Our walk from SWS to our hotel.
May.  Our circle feeling complete.
 June.  Our family's Minus 1 Project complete and our money jar no longer needed. :)
 July.  So many words for this one.  Adoption/Family/Home = security, joy, love, redemption, grace...

August.  The start of the school year.
 September.  The Three Musketeers.
 October.  Halloween fun.
November.  Celebrating birthdays.
 December.  Each of us holding our Christmas 2012 ornament from my parents.

My Christmas ornament this year was a house with the words, "Bring Love In."  Tim's was a tin tree with the words, "Apisa family, est. 1996."  I think these two will be kept out of storage and will instead by hung on my kitchen window so as I'm looking out and watching my children play in the yard or doing dishes, I'll remember.

I'll remember that this family has been established, through the Lord, in love and for love.
Happy New Year.
May your heart and home bring in all the Lord offers.

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