Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I need your email!

I have about 3 half written posts in my pages and many more in my head but I just can't seem to fit it in right now!

Dear poor and neglected blog,

I have such great plans and hopes for you.  Just wait!  Be patient and I'll be back with fun stories, cute pictures and a bit of adoption inspiration...I hope. :)

With the beginning of the new year, we have been praying and working on our Minus 1 Project site.  Our hope is that it will allow us to adopt again (in the future) and our heart is that it will allow us to give and assist other families in the adoption process right now.  In order for these to be accomplished, I have been giving more time to that lately.  Not to mention getting through and fully enjoying Christmas and new years, forcing my children and self back into our school routine.  I think Carson has had more of an uproar about school than the other kids.  He doesn't quite understand why he is being shooed and pushed out of his brothers' rooms. :)

One of the first things we began working on was a mass emailing list of past customers.  I want to be able to share new designs and products when we add them AND include coupon codes.  I was all ready to hit send when I was alerted that ALL (over 300) of site's email address were invalid...WhAt??

And so we start from scratch, more determined than before to make this work. :)  If you and/or anyone you know would like to be included please email,, or comment with your email address.  I hope we are up and running BIG by the end of the month!

Stay tuned this weekend for a Valentine give away, too!  And, once again, our family thanks you for your support of our Minus 1 Project.  We couldn't have done it without you...well, really without the Lord, but you know what I mean! :)

Here's to a fantastic new year!