Sunday, August 1, 2010

A birthday with 6 sisters!

We had the best weekend celebrating Lindsey's birthday with our China travel group. It was so great to see the families that we bonded with in China. We were missing three and hope they can come next year. Someone told me you know you are special friends when you haven't seen each other in a while and can pick right up where you left off.

I hope Lindsey can remember this birthday...being surrounded by her Chinese sisters.

We attempted to reenact the "red couch" photo! Wish I could show the original...they were all such babies!!
Lindsey was very excited to try out her birthday fishing pole. I think everyone, especially her brothers, were pretty impressed with her fishing ability!
One last picture of all the girls and their siblings (some couldn't be there). We did take one big group picture, but I think by then our camera was dead! But believe me, these are six of the most loving, giving, and fun to be around families! We love them all and are so thankful that they said "yes" to adoption and that the Lord chose our daughters to be "sisters" while they waited for us to bring them home!! What a special bond they will forever share!!
We are off for fingerprinting in the morning...yeah, one step closer to adding a little somebody to the above picture!! We have some other exciting MINUS 1 PROJECT news to share this week!

Please pray about how the Lord can use you in helping those without find families! The church (believers and doers of God's word) can change the world for one orphan at at a part in it. DON'T MISS OUT!!


  1. Can't wait to hear more of your news!!!!!!

    LOVE THE PICS!!!! Just shows how awesome our God is!!!! :)

  2. LOVE these pictures! thanks for sharing! each little girl is SO precious and beautiful - radiant with love and happiness!

    thinking of you all as you get "inked"!

  3. Your sweet words on my blog meant so much to me :) It is so nice to know that you enjoy it. If you would like, you could use the chip in button on the right of my blog-it will go into our grant fund on reeces rainbow, or you could paypa to and be sure to put TAYA FALVO in the comment box :) My hope is that people will see these real kids, that are really suffering and be moved to pray for them and hopefully ADOPT them into their family making GOD smile :):) ((hugs))

  4. so funny, i had to double check to see if it was there :) you can click on the button to the right (w tayas little face) that says "help bring taya home" it will bring you to our family grant page on Reeces rainbow, then you follow the prompts for paypal, being sure to put taya's name or the little graph box that says SAVING TAYA (its across from THEO'S little face to the right) just follow prompts and donations go into our grant fund and both ways are tax deductible :) thank you so much for thinking of our sweeties !!
    btw the picture of all the little chinese beauties are your blog is beautiful !!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Lindsey! So sad I could not be there to share in on the festivities!
    Hi Kelly!
    Email me at and I would LOVE to help you with your blog!
    So sad I didn't get to see you all! I miss you guys a lot! Lindsey and Lucy are absolutely beautiful! Hope to talk to you soon.

  6. How fun!! Love all the pictures! Those little girls are TOO cute!