Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minus 1 Project (-1) Package Disclaimers

We are so excited about how our Minus 1 Project (-1) fundraising site is growing.  We have plans to add several new designs and items over the summer.  The past week our house has been busy trying to ship out our new "adoption is..." t-shirts.  As you can see our living room has turned into the distribution center:

We always enjoy delivery day and a good photobomb, too. :)

When a shipment arrives we do our best to package and ship it out the next day because we know many of you have waited several weeks.  We now have this design in stock and can ship right away, hint, hint. :)

Disclaimer 1:  I enlisted two helpers for this last shipment.  Actually, not sure if they were enlisted or they just insisted to help.  Here they are pictured next to their packages holding a Minus 1 Project (-1) car decal and magnet.  The magnet is free with every purchase, the decal is not.  Can you see where I am going with this?  I placed them side by side on the table.  One of my adorable helpers' jobs were to place a magnet in each package before sealing them up.  And only afterwards was I informed that one or both of the girls had confused the magnets with the car decals.  Therefore if your newest package arrives with a free car decal, thank my helpers. :)

Disclaimer 2:  Packages from Minus 1 Project (-1) do not contain oatmeal, running shoes or items from GameStop.  They do not need to be refrigerated.  We do, however, need to consider purchasing some boxes with "got love? adopt.", "Adopt on!" or "Adoption = (-1) Orphan so we can share the adoption message throughout the postal service and neighborhoods. :)

Reminder:  Mother's day is just around the corner.  Be sure to get your order in soon so we can ensure deliver in time for your special day.

And don't forget your opportunity to support Little Flower Project in China with the purchase of a Mother Teresa quote tee, available with the adoption message or without.

Order from Minus 1 Project (-1) today.

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