Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New name...

What do you think?

We are working on our store site and most likely are going to drop the "Project" from our store name.  The Minus 1 Project originated as our blog title with the "project" referring to all the things we would be doing to make there "minus 1" orphan in the world.  We wanted to document all of our fundraisers in hopes of giving other families ideas and sharing what was successful.

I like the simple "Minus 1" for the store name and underneath something like 
"because every adoption = (-1)Orphan".

I'm hoping that will allow us to work on some new new (-1) designs.  I get loads of questions when I wear my shirts with that because people are curious as to what it means.  

**We were disappointed to hear that our new chevron "Take It All" bag is in very limited qualities.  If you were considering ordering one, don't wait.  I don't think they'll be on the site much longer.  We are searching for another great bag to replace it, hopefully soon!

 Take a minute, too, to read the post below if you haven't already about our store site.  Have a great day!


  1. My only thought is that every adoption is not (-1). Some are -2 or even -5. But I get where you're coming from.

  2. We thought about that, too, Shecki. We did consider that even in the case of a sibling adoption, each child has to be adopted, giving each of them their own adoption, in a way. :) Send me an email and I'll send you out a car decal! Thanks for commenting.