Monday, May 24, 2010


I am so excited to let you all know that we placed our first (of many, I hope) order for some fun, practical, proadoption, get- people- talking products that we hope everyone will like. Our hope is that people will buy (or for a donation) help us in 1. spreading the good word on adoption and 2.raising the funds needed to bring our child home! We spent a long time, probably too long, narrowing down our choices. (Thanks, Jody) We decided to start with two items, in hopes of adding products later with the same message.

On the adoption front, we have gotten all of our homestudy papers submitted and now are waiting for our report to be written and accepted. We are hoping to have it finished by mid-end of June. And then the I600 wait begins. I have read some stories lately of this taking many weeks. Lindsey's adoption certainly taught us many lessons on waiting...on the Lord and trusting His timing to be perfect. Thankfully I can look at her sweet face and remember and know that the wait is worth it!!
On the home front, our boys finished up their lacrosse season. They had a great time and they really improved. This is their second year playing, but first year on the same fun to watch them playing together. They even had some brother to brother assists and score!!


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  1. Congratulations!! Looking forward to following your journey!!

    Dawn (Jody's friend)