Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ibuprofen, please!

It is with much relief that I am writing this post! My confidence in being able to complete this triathlon was waining this week and I was really getting nervous. The support from my family and friends was terrific....I woke to this Friday morning:
Four sweet signs, some energy chews and a Softee memory foam cover for my bike seat (nothing says LOVE like a padded cushion...a gift that keeps on giving).

After lunch we loaded up all the fishing gear and racing gear and headed out to my parent's house.
I do own other shirts besides my "got love?" shirt...I just don't wear them!!

After a restless night my dad, Tim and I woke up early to meet my training partner and dear friend, Michele. I couldn't have done this without her. We have been meeting between 5:30 and 6:00 AM all summer long to train for this

We got to the State Park around 6:45. It was a beautiful morning, but was suppose to get really hot...not good!
My dad and Tim, being triathlon veterans, helped us get our gear set up in the transition area and get our race markings.
Tim and Michele registered as Minus 1 Project Team. Tim did the swim.
It was great to be there together. We had some prerace jitter laughs. I had never worn a swim cap before and it took the three of us and a braid to get all my unruly hair inside it!!
And so we all headed down to the lake to wait for our start time. My dad, Tim and I all had different start times but happen to see one another during the course.
And so I finished...three and a half hours after I started. It was much harder than I had anticipated, especially the run.

In completion, I am very glad that it is over, but am thankful to have had set a high goal for myself. Thankful to those of you who have supported me through your prayers and donations. Thankful for the friendship with Michele that dragged me out of the bed. Thankful for a husband who encouraged and supported me along the way. Thankful for a mom who jumps at every chance to watch my kiddos so that Tim and I can do these adventures together. Thankful for an earthly father who is an inspiration to so many, but especially to me. (He finished and was first in his age group!)
And thankful to my heavenly Father who gave me the purpose and meaning behind this goal....


  1. WOW- you amaze me! Congrats on finishing it - I think I would have not made it.....whew makes me tired just thinking of it.

  2. Wow girl!!! That is awesome...good for you!!! :)

  3. We're proud of you Kelly! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  4. You rock, sister! I am debating just doing a 5K in November, but I can't imagine a triathlon!!

  5. GREAT JOB!!!!! You are a beautiful writer! I love reading your blog posts. :)

  6. WOW!!!!!! way to go!

  7. Great, great job!!!! :) You go! When does barker put you at an estimated referral?

  8. Woo Hoo! You did it! I really admire people who do this sort of thing. I can barely make it around the block.
    And what a sweet family you have!

  9. Wow! Congrats! I'm trying to train for the Army 10 miler in October - a tri though is a LOT of training and hard work! Way to go! Hope to hear some news soon! You're about 1 month behind us on Dossier to Korea... Fun to follow along with others. :)

  10. so far behind in reading ... wow, GREAT JOB! That's incredible ... and THANK YOU! :)