Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Move Up Sunday

For our homeschooling family, Move Up Sunday is the closest event we have to "back to school". On Move Up Sunday the children at our church move to their new class. It usual involves a new room, teacher(s) and kids. My gang was very excited to get to church Sunday. We were very pleased with the girls' excitement that was fueled by their brothers!
This was an especially momentous Sunday for the girls. They haven't been regular church attendees due to Lucy's asthma that is triggered by viruses. We are praying for her lungs and immune system to be mature enough this year to withstand the cold and flu season!!

Tim and I are so excited to be teaming up with another couple to lead the "If You Were Mine" Bible Study by Family Life this fall.'s to a new season of homeschooling and Sunday school class. Looking forward to the changing of seasons and yearning for the changing in hearts toward the things and children of God.


  1. Kelly, I didn't realize you were home schooling the kids! I just started homeschooling my oldest, we love it so far. (This is Tim's cousin Jen, btw! I think I met you at your wedding but probably haven't seen you since!)

  2. Oh my goodness...your kids melt my heart they are too precious!!

  3. Precious picture!! Didn't know you homeschooled! So fun!!

  4. I'd love to hear how that Bible Study goes--I'd love to do something like that in our area.

    I found your blog through someone else's and wanted to encourage you to come check out We are trying to get more folks involved there. We'd love to have you come by and join the forum if you are interested in fellowshipping with other adoptive families who love the Lord.