Thursday, January 13, 2011

"got love?" ideas G*I*V*E A*W*A*Y

With the new year underway, we are looking to expand our "got love?" gear. We have several plans that we will reveal next week...(hint: think pink). We would love to hear your ideas. Leave me a comment or send me an email telling what you would like to see our "got love? adopt. 147 million orphans" logo on.


Watch for our big reveal next week....who knows maybe it will be one of your ideas! :)

***We still have one Large hoodie and a couple of long sleeve (Large and Medium) shirts for sale. Hoodie is $25, Long sleeve shirts are $18. Order this week and we will throw in a "got love?" car decal!! WHAT A DEAL....we need to make room for our new inventory! Send me an email if you are interested, ***

Check out this cool story about our "got love?" hoodie HERE.

So, put on your thinking caps (something my mom used to say) and be a part of our fundraising efforts!!
"got snow?"


  1. My idea is still in the apparel line up but I would love it if you made a wicking shirt for running. 147 mill orphans has one that is long sleeved that I love but it's long sleeved and the race I am planning to run is in June. I know there are several folks out there fundraising for organizations or for their adoption by running or walking. What a great message to send to so many.

  2. What about an iPhone or laptop skin?

  3. What about hats? Have yall done that yet...don't remember! jewelry too! Don't know the logistics, but it could work :) Lovin the pink can't wait to see!!

  4. How about a swim cap? I saw that your kids swim and I know they are required in most of the hotel pools in China.

  5. Your snowman should be holding a got love bag instead of the umbrella! HaHa. :)

  6. Got Love tank tops....especially since summer is coming up:)

  7. What about postage? I have no idea if it would be cost effective, but I have received wedding invitations where the stamp is a picture of the happy couple, so I assume it can be customized to be anything.

    Also, do you have any baby gear yet? Bibs would be perfect! Everyone needs those! And what about little onsies?

    (btw: I LOVE Mandie's running shirt idea. My husband is a runner and that would be a great way to show support for adoption in front of lots of people. Especially if the shirt was in a bright color? The key would be to design it in such a way that the message would not be covered up by the running number pinned to the shirt)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  8. I am wearing my "Got Love" shirt right now!! I LOVE it! I would adore a pink one...that is my favorite color =) I also rocked out my "Got Love" travel mug at church last week. All your gear is so cute!!

  9. Love the tank top idea for working out!! And maybe water bottles too?

  10. How about a key chain? Was thinking of what I would use everyday and how it would remind me to pray-of course, my keys! Blessings!

  11. Wow, the ladies have A LOT of great ideas!!! I need more time to think... I may be back! ;)

  12. I say MY adoption fundraiser! What if you let other families use the logo for their fundraisers and then you got to keep part of the profits. I have seen that before with SimplyLove stuff and it seems like everyone wins. Then you get money coming in from places and people that you would have never reached with your own fundraiser. Just a thought!

  13. Pens are a great way to disseminate a message subtly! It's funny the places they end up!

  14. Maybe a stainless steel to go coffee cup. I know they also make porcelain to go cups with rubber lids. Or how about those clear plastic insulated to go cups for cold drinks (with a straw). Or a stainless water bottle or a water bottle that is BPA free. Can you tell I like my beverages to go? hahaha! :-)

    Amy P.

  15. Hello! I'm just getting around to answering your question.. we are pretty much out of shirts. I mean, we have about 12 or so left. :)

    I like the water bottle idea above:)

  16. I'd love to see youth long sleeve t's for us northern folk, and maybe in some new colors? I'd also LOVE to see onsies and toddler T's too!
    As far as smaller things that could be easily shared, I like to put stickers on my envelopes, GOT LOVE stickers would spread the word, or even address labels, now that would be cool!
    :) Anne

  17. I remember the pink got love shirt (sample) not to long ago. I would LOVE the "got love" short sleeve in pink. :)

    I also love the key chain idea.

    picture frame.

    jewerly, maybe a necklace.

    Can't wait...

  18. Ooo - jewelry and keychain - like those!

    A backpack - on the small to medium side - that I could use as a diaper bag! :) Or one my daughter could use. Or both! :)

    A book mark.

    Gloves - Got on one hand Love? on the other?!?

    And while the car decal is nice - I only put magnets on my bumper - so a magnet bumper sticker.

    A little girl's dress?

    I have no idea about the cost effectiveness of any of these ideas, sorry. I'll keep thinking! Good luck!

  19. I think Got Love tank tops would be awesome for summer! you live in Bburg? I am from Christiansburg and my parents still live there! My kids will be there all next week while we make our first trip to Ethiopia! :)


  20. Maybe Got Love head bands, or bows! My sisters would love that! Oh or those little rubber bracelets! I made some for my family and friends a few years ago that said Foster/Adopt Today!

    Take Care

  21. I love all the ideas suggested!! So many good ones. I love the simplicity of your message, I would suggest the shirts that you already have in other colors :) We love the mug. I took it to Cade's game yesterday morning! Spreading the word :)
    Blessings to you all!!!

  22. sunglasses, with the "got love" logo on each side.

  23. Oh and I ♥ the silicone bracelets with the "got love" logo.

  24. I LOVE the got love car magnet idea (I too only use magnets not stickers on my car). I also second the jewelry idea, a small got love charm on a necklace perhaps.

  25. I love the coffee mug too, but I wouldn't be against a coffee mug in pink either!! Seems my husband always reaches for my black one, and I was thinking the other day it would be cool to have pink. Love the water bottle idea too...perfect season for that coming up.

  26. How about some type of facebook background? I think you could reach alot of people this way. Or abumper sticker? Victoria

  27. Just found your blog. Love the "Got Love", especially pink!!! Long sleeved shirt, hat, water bottle. I am excited to see what you come up with.