Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orange Bowl vs. Blog Post

Can you guess which one won the use of the computer last night?? The males in our home voted for the computer to be tuned into instead of Minus 1 Project!! I am sorry to say that Virginia Tech lost.

On to much more fun things...we had a great time at my parent's house. They live on a lake with a lot of woods. All the cousins ran wild outside making forts with branches and leaves. The older group took turns letting the younger on the trampoline. We were all glad to have warmer temperatures so that the kids could be outside!

Here is a picture of the whole cousin gang minus the youngest baby.
My parents have a drawer of sunglasses, most of which have been left and unclaimed from guests...from the 70s?!
One of my mom's traditions (which I love) is to hand out ornaments. She spends so much time trying to find ones that have a special meaning pertaining to the past year. Tim's was a grill, mine was a bear with a "teacher are angels" saying, Ethan's was a Boy Scout symbol, Ben's was a swimmer snowman, Lindsey's was an Asian little angel, and Lucy's pink ballerina slippers.
So now we have the holidays behind us and another great year of memories. We are moving right into the new year with all it holds--starting by eating all the food in the cabinets . Anyone else clean out of their cupboards this time of year? I am seeing all kinds of soups, beans, tuna and noodles in our near future!


  1. Sounds great! I always try to find an ornament that has meaning for each of my kids each year. I love that your Mom does it for all of you. So sweet!

    We're eating out of our cupboards/freezer a bit too. I went to the grocery store and had quite a low-budget trip considering we hadn't been in so long b/c I went through our cupboards and planned menus accordingly. ;)

  2. How F.U.N! I always get ornaments for the kids each year and I think it is great that your mom does that for the grandkids... I guess that is something that I'll have to continue! :)
    I haven't "stocked" up on groceries since November and we are getting LOW!
    Didn't you say you would be waiting around 5 months for a referral? You are almost at 5 months... like you didn't know that! ;)

  3. Would you just look at all those cousins! That is so wonderful!

    What a great thing your mom does with the ornaments. Those will be some special memories for all throughout the years.

    Enjoy your noodles and tuna. ;-)

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Are you on facebook? We have an adoption friends/SWS closed group on facebook that I'd gladly invite you into. Lots of Barker people on it and some others who are with SWS (one with KSS but we like her anyway). :) email me - cemcgarry@ if you're interested

  5. Sorry for my misinformation. Do you feel like time is going faster with this adoption? I often wonder how I will feel the second time around. (Hugs)

  6. Well. . .I did clean out 2 closets today, and boy, did it feel great to see the finished products! :0)

  7. We too are going through our cupboards! It's amazing how much is put away in there that I forget we bought...and then, of course, we have a fun time finding a can of something we never eat, and wondering, what did we buy this for? :-)

  8. I didn't win the photo contest... boo! I didn't even come in in the top 35 photos. Oh well!
    I always think your hair looks beautiful, but I do think the Kinky Curly would work. I have found that Target sells a smaller size of the Curling Custard and of course it costs less... so you could at aleast try it. That is, as long as you have a Target that sells it. I think it shows you on the website.
    Have a WONDERFUL day!