Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where'd everybody go?

Tuesday night I did my big grocery shopping.  You know the kind that you can't wait one more day to shop unless your family wants soy waffles and popsicles for their next meal?  I pulled into the driveway and waited a minute for my one came.

As I walked to the side door, I noticed the bikes and trailer in the side yard.  I opened the door to a very quiet house...too quiet.  I hollered, "I'm home.  Come help carry groceries."  No response.

I noticed something peculiar on the kitchen table.

Would anyone else find this strange and, therefore, panic just a bit? :)

Just a bit, and then enjoy putting ALL the groceries away in a peaceful, silence without someone asking for something to eat.

Mystery solved:  My fabulous hubby walked with the 5 kiddos to a playground and chased them around until after dark.  The above sculpture put together by Lucy had no meaning, whatsoever.

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