Monday, July 2, 2012

Minus 1 Project jar

About the time we started this blog, we made a Minus 1 Project money jar.  I did a post about our family's jar here, titled The Simplest Fundraiser.

This jar:

has been on our kitchen counter for almost 2 years collecting spare change and generous donations.  It has shown up at several of our fundraising events including a swim meet raffle.

It can be found in the background of many of our pictures.  I had the best time looking over older pictures.  Here were a few of my favorite ones that included our Minus 1 Project jar.
(Counting yard sale money)

(Modeling for our tutu fundraiser)

(Baking Dad's birthday cake)

 (Writing "For your baby brother" on a blue leaf to hang on our Thanksgiving thankful tree.  This is how we told the other four of Carson's referral!)

That jar served its purpose well.  
But, that season for our family is finished.

And so today, we handed the jar to Carson.

He wasn't quite sure what to make of it, that is, until Tim showed him how he could beat on it like drum. :)

Our kitchen counter seems a little empty tonight without the jar but our hearts are so full.  That jar was a constant reminder to our family that there was something--someone--that was more important than so many things like a dinner out, cable tv, cell phones, even a second car.  

Our family's season of Minus 1 Projects caused us to evaluate our true needs.  It was amazing what we found we could live without because deep down we knew we didn't want to live without him.  


  1. Love it! We have a jar too :) Are you sure you shouldn't keep it out just in case you need it again?!! Carson is so cute!

  2. Simple, yet brilliant :) I think we're gonna take your idea if you don't mind!!

  3. happy he is home with you now.

  4. Oh, Kelly! How did I miss this post. So beautifully said! So happy he's finally home. Giving him the jar is a fitting end to the journey. Thank you for writing this. :)