Friday, November 30, 2012

The Deal

You may be tired of seeing Minus 1 Project fundraising site stuff BUT we are excited about the new things we are adding for this time of year.

 Here's why:
 ~More people are spending more money during the next few weeks than any other time of the year.

 ~Many families are stepping out in faith and obedience to grow their family through adoption despite the huge financial total.

~The main purpose of our Minus 1 Project was to fundraise our way through all the fees and payments while sharing our ideas in encouragement to others.

~God has given us a good thing, creative ideas and huge a huge support system, making it a joy to share.

~Bottom line, millions of children are waiting.

 So if you haven't yet, take a look at our site. We are working hard to make sure there is at least one thing you would like to purchase for yourself or for a gift. We've had several requests for long sleeve shirts. Here are our newest. These won't stay on the site much past Christmas, so order soon and order plentifully.

 Green, super soft cotton 
Pink, women's cut

Grey, super soft cotton 

Pink, women's cut

I hope you are enjoying this first weekend of December.  

Give the gift that gives twice.

Spread the adoption message.

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  1. As a family that is currently in process, I'd love to hear more about how you help other adopting families! And I'm thrilled to see some long sleeve shirts. That's rare in the advocacy shirt world, from what I've seen.