Saturday, December 31, 2011

Can it be?

The last day of 2011!

I would have to say that the past year has been filled with adoption ups and downs. I remember my heart ache when we learned in April that there would be no more EPs for the Korean program for 2011. And how that mourning was turned to dancing the minute I saw Carson's face!

Seriously, looking forward to 2012 and bringing our fifth child home.
(And getting back to school so I can get my computer time/blogging time back in the morning. I am looking forward to catching up on many of your posts!)

As you reflect on the past year and look forward to the new, pray about adoption. There are millions and millions who wait, wait for someone to extend the hand of hope.

Maybe 2012 is the year for you and your family?!


  1. Happy New Year! Carson is just precious, hopefully you are able to go and bring him home soon! It is so hard to just have a picture when you can almost feel them in your arms and see them running around with their siblings. 2012 will be another great year and I hope more people chose adoption. If only had had even a little idea how blessed they would be. Praying more people can trust in God and take that leap of Faith!

  2. So looking forward to what God has in store for our families in 2012!


  3. Hurray for 2012! We get to bring our sons home!!! :)