Monday, April 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Could it Monday again?  The days are just rolling by...much busier than before thanks to one active little boy!  Carson continues to amaze us with his adjustment and perfectness for our family.  (Now that is a post in and of itself for another day when I have more time.  Not sure when that's going to happen... :)

So today, you shall just receive some random thoughts and pictures of our happenings.

1.  This boy has entered the land of endless entertainment.

No matter what room he is in, there is someone to entertain him.   That would be the beauty of being the fifth child in a homeschooling family.

2.  Did blogger update everyone's blog?  I'm not a fan of the new layout.  With limited time, I'm having a hard time figuring out the new features.

3.  Tim took the older boys (I used to just be able to say "boys") on a hike/camp-out last weekend.  It was clear very soon after they left that our girl weekends will never be the same; that is until Carson is able to join the fellows.  We didn't bake or watch a thing--we did, however, have a great time.
Not nearly as relaxing, but just as much fun!

4.  I think the best pictures we have of Carson are when he is sitting at the table eating.  Did I mention
how perfectly he fits in with the rest of our family? :)

5.  I'm sure you don't need too much reminding, but Mother's Day is coming up.  We would love for you to purchase a gift or drop a hint for someone to purchase you a gift from our site,  We are continuing to run the store site AND add new items.  We still have some to pay for our adoption's finalization (6 months from coming home) and want to use it to help others fundraise, as well. 

I'm excited about a Father's day shirt--sorry moms, couldn't quite get it together for a new design this year!

6.  Home--it is where every child should be!


  1. He is so adorable. So thankful he is home.

  2. Ummm....LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!

    What do you mean you couldn't come up with a Mother's Day shirt? You act like you just flew around the world to pick up your child or something ;) he he he he just messin'


  3. What a great update! So happy for you guys <3
    Btw. in your blogger settings there is a place where you can switch to old blogger interface. I was able to find it, but can't remember now where it was!

  4. Keep the updates coming! I just LOVE seeing that little face. I still can't believe he is HOME!!!