Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our first few days

It was such a wonderful feeling to pull into our driveway on Saturday evening. Our side yard was filled with friends and welcome balloons. I just remember seeing Lucy at the top of the driveway jumping up and down, clapping her hands. The girls, of course, couldn't wait to see their baby brother.

And just like that the terrific twosome became a band of three.
Carson was so happy to be free to run after so many hours of confinement. He was off!
And then we had the meltdown! When I think of all the changes he experienced with in the past 3 days, a meltdown was completely appropriate. He spent about 36 hrs. in a hotel room, 1 hr. on a bus, 3 hrs. in an airport, 14 hrs. on a plane, 2.5 hrs in lines for customs and immigrations and another 4 hrs. strapped in a car seat. What an incredible change from his usual days spent in a small apartment in downtown Seoul.

He fell asleep or passed out on the floor in this room with a bottle in one hand and an old nonworking cell phone in the other. He tossed and turned during the night and cried on and off. Sunday he woke up fairly happy. Everyday he has progressed. He has slept in his crib all night since Monday night! (I'm not sure how that came about but I'm not complaining!!!!)

Our past few days have been filled with playing, dancing, strollers and parks. Take a look:

I'm a little sad because we lost some cute pictures from our camera (something with the memory card) but am thankful that we had downloaded most of them.

I can official report that the jet lag has lifted and now I just have mother-to-a-toddler lag! Carson is one very busy but super happy boy. I am just so thankful for how well he has transitioned. I can't believe it has only been a week since we were given custody.

Each day has been filled with "firsts" for him. I already cannot imagine our family without him. And that, folks, is the miracle of adoption.


  1. Love it! It's so wonderful seeing your whole family finally together! :)

  2. So very happy for your beautiful family!

  3. You said it sister. Adoption is indeed an awesome miracle:) He is adorable. Hope everyone continues to adjust well.

  4. Everyone looks so wonderful and happy! I'm sure it feels great to have the waiting behind you.

  5. He is SO, SO PRECIOUS, Kelly!!! I am just overjoyed for your family!!! Praise the Lord that Carson is HOME!!!

  6. Soooo happy for your precious family to be home. He is gorgeous as are your other babies. Make lots of first memories. God bless you guys! Adoption is amazing!

  7. So, so, so, happy for you all!!!

  8. So happy for you! So glad your dream is now flesh-and-blood reality. So thankful you are all together again. Enjoy these firsts, because with five children now in the family, life is going to speed up!!!

  9. What a beautiful post! So excited for your family.