Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our second visit.

We were so happy that SWS suggested we come for a second visit before receiving custody Thursday afternoon. This time we just went to the office and had a little while to play in one of their small playrooms. Carson's foster mom graciously offered to wait outside the room. I know this is hard on her. Carson did great. He cried a few times but we were able to distract him and he quickly cheered up.

One of my favorite moments was when Carson came around the corner to the room where we were waiting. Do you think he remembered his daddy?
Their encounter was priceless!
Just hanging with the boys. I think he is going to love being a little brother.
I know that Thursday will be hard on him but I am feeling much better about how he will do. He is just smitten with Ethan and Ben. Maybe Tim and I will leave them to babysit and have a night out on the Korean town? :)

We spent the rest of the day with a friend of Tim's from graduate school. She moved back to Seoul when she finished her schooling. We were so happy to spend time with her. She is super sweet (brought us a silver spoon and chopstick set). She was also extremely helpful when ordering food.
The adventurous eater award goes to these two:
We are planning on meeting back up with her tomorrow to visit some local, traditional Korean markets. We won't see Carson at all on Wed. as it is election day and the offices are closed. We'll return to SWS on Thursday afternoon to receive custody. In the meantime, we are spending as much time as we can site seeing and shopping.


  1. Love reading your updates!!! So happy for you guys! :)

  2. i dig his plaid pants and striped shirt ensemble....

  3. He is beautiful! I am praying for your family.

  4. I wonder when he going to learn how to smile.
    I'd say he is a happy baby. He looks like a little man!

  5. Oh I love seeing you guys there. I'm so very happy to see him smiling. The plaid and stripes rock(: