Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Movin' On Up

Every year the Sunday of  Labor Day weekend is "Move-Up Sunday" at our church.  That is the day that all the children move up to their next year classes.  I have used this date as our back to school pictures.  And so...this Sunday (actually taken last Sunday because we were out of town this past weekend) we took a minute or five to try and get a good picture of the kids.

Sept. 2012
Ethan-8th grade, Lucy-Kindergarten, Carson-almost 21 months, Lindsey-Kindergarten, Ben-6th grade

Here is our picture from 2010.  I think it is just too cute not to share. :)
 Crazy how quickly they grow!!

We typically start our school on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Our books arrived last week and the girls were so excited!  And so, not to mislead you into thinking that the above picture represents my students' appearances on all school days, working at their neat little desks, the truth is, they usually look more like this:

(Taken the night our books arrived.  The girls wanted so badly to start so I let Ben do a math lesson with them shirtless, in pajamas, with a baby Tarzan on his lap. :)

And that, friends and followers is how we roll...
Hope you all have a wonderful start to your school year.


  1. Love it. Love the real life. They are precious and you are not kidding how quickly they grew! Goodness! I would barely pick your boys out as the same kids!

  2. Oh wow! Look at all of them! Hard to believe summer is over!


  3. Great pictures! Such cute kids!

  4. First day for us also! So nice to be home. Lets get together soon!