Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW, new item GiVeAwAy!

BRAND NEW TERVIS TUMBLERS *see sidebar* ready to preorder today.  (Shipment will arrive mid-Nov.  Quantities are limited.)  Take a guess and win your choice of design.

Game and rules below!

Since this little cutie came home,
our family has been introduced to a new show.  Just by chance, my husband recently stumbled across something that had Carson mesmerized.  And honestly had us mesmerized or maybe confused. :)  We laugh because this is the only thing he will sit still long enough to watch so it is used sparingly and in moments of emergency. :)

Your job is to guess the show.  Guesses HAVE to come through email,, or facebook message.   (NO LEAVING A GUESS AS A COMMENT.)

(Clues are hints about the show not necessarily the name of the show.)

Here are the rules.  I'll give 3 clues over the next weekish.  If you guess the show after only one clue (before the 2nd clue is revealed) you get 3 chances.  A correct guess after clue #2, you get 2 chances.  Leaving the correct guess after all 3 clues, gives you one chance to win.  Got it?  Guess early for the most chances...I'll let you know if you are correct.

CLUE #1:  A music fanatic, a medieval knight and a geological formation.

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