Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Front Door Lift

Another fantastic, creative and unique fundraiser going by a very talented waiting momma!  I ordered my rag wreath a few weeks ago and it when it arrived, I was so impressed.  The amount of time and energy needed to create it is so impressive!
You can choose your size and fabric/colors.  They are some super cute holiday ones but I wanted an everyday wreath since I have some holiday wreaths.

This fundraiser, much like the Evans family's wooden name puzzles, are seriously a labor of love.  All I do is box up and mail out shirts and the like.  These moms must spend any spare moment (which we all know are hard to come by) working on their products.  I know they do it because their child, waiting to come home, is so, so worth it.  They are using their talent and ability to raise thousands of dollars--now that is worth supporting!  Seriously, don't give your money to Michaels, Walmart, Target, etc...

These wreaths and other creations by Valerie can be found on facebook under "Rag Wreaths by Val" or on her etsy shop:  HERE.

Wooden name puzzles (post two below) can be found here: Our Hand Picked Angels.

Take just a few minutes to click on these links.  Feel great about the items/gifts you buy.

Support and encourage these families as they follow in obedience the adoption journey to their child(ren).   They will thank you 100 times over!


  1. Neat idea! I'd pick lav & sage to go with my room. :)

  2. Thank you so much for all you have done these past few days Kelly!! :)