Monday, February 4, 2013

Hot Chocolate Lover

We were so excited to have another good snowfall last week.  The little ones wasted no time hopping on the sled (which conveniently was still out from the week before) for a ride.

I love the above picture.  It reminds me why I like the winters and makes up for some of those lllooonnnggg stuck-inside-everybody-going-nuts days.  I'm having a hard time getting my older two on camera lately so here is one of Ben coming home from sledding at the big hill at the end of our street.

  A few weeks before our first snow, close to Christmas, I think, Carson had his first cup of hot cocoa.  At this time, we think he might be a bit addicted to the stuff.
When I start bringing out the mugs and marshmallows, he goes nuts!

 He starts off very protective.  (You'd think he had 4 older siblings that try to snag his sweet treats.:)

Mid-mug he will turn a bit gangsta over the stuff making sure everyone in the house knows this is his chocolate and he is not sharing!

Nearing the end of his little mug, he will loosen up a bit.  Actually acting a bit loopy...maybe it's the mellows? 

In a very strange turn of weather events, about 5 days after this snowfall we decided that 60 degrees outside, after dinner, in Jan, merited a family walk to the grocery for ice cream.
See that small remanent of snow behind my cute family?

And yes, Carson is just as protective, gangsta and loopy over ice cream as he is hot chocolate and marshmallows.  He is an Apisa indeed!

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  1. Really?? Why is it that you all are getting all of the snow? So jealous! And totally love Mr. Gangsta's hot cocoa face :)