Friday, June 25, 2010

And the winner is...

LISA! We were hoping to do fun pictures and a big ta do, but we are in the midst of boxes, bags, piles, heaps, stacks of yard sale treasures donated from friends to raise money for our church's adoption and foster care, support ministry, Loved By Choice. (I am sure many of you can understand because I bet you did yard sales to raise money, too.) I want to share about this ministry and all God has been doing with it.....but tonight is not the night!!

So a big thank you to all who commented, encouraged, and joined us this week. (I thought it was fun that Lisa won b/c she was our first follower, besides family!) Lisa...send me an email with your choice of mug or tote and an address.

Hoping my next post will have some challenging thoughts and fun pictures from the weekend!


  1. i canNOT believe i didn't win...whata rip off. and the yard sale-lame excuse, it's not like you had your ENTIRE house filled with stuff! were you buried under a giant column?!? ;)

  2. Hello. We live just North of Nashville. That is a long drive for you. Do you want Justines email so you could ask her questions. She is a great resource.

  3. Lisa, thx for stopping my my blog. So glad you found encouragement from the starfish flinger. I just LOVE that story. We too are in process to 147,000-1 although I haven't splurged the news on the blog yet. I'll stay tuned to your blog to see how y'all are faring with international adoption. Thanks for "getting it."
    Best wishes.