Friday, February 11, 2011

Ashley at Hemphill Hub- your the chosen winner!! (Send me an email and let me know your color choice...although I think I already know! :)

I would love to send shirts to every one of you who shared our cause. I know so many of you are in the midst of an adoption or have completed an adoption=money being tight and still you have ordered from us. And so although there was only one winner for this give away...we all win when we share about the miracle of adoption.

"In adoption the fearful become beloved, the scorned become adored, the nameless become cherished, the lonely become the laughing, and death becomes life abundant."
-Kerry Hasenbalg


  1. Congratulations to Ashely! I will be back soon to place some orders. :-)

  2. Hi! Just ordered 3 shirts!!! Love them and can't wait to see my kids in them this spring.

    There wasn't a place to send you a message, but I wanted the youth large to be olive green. Can you email me to let me know if that's okay?

    Thanks! So glad to be a part of helping out w/ your adoption!!!

  3. Gosh your daughter is SOOOO cute! We have been praying for your family...hopefully with the cute new designs the sales will start rolling in!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  4. YAY!! I can't believe I won!!! You know I want PINK =) Are the sizes the same as the black ones? I am SO excited!! =)

  5. Visiting from Darcie's blog. Just ordered a shirt and wishing you the best with your adoption. My daughter is from Chongqing, China.