Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"got love?" sale questions answered

When are these available? The travel mugs will be available to order around Mar. 1st. Shirts are ready to order now...see paypal buttons on the side! Order a shirt now and get $5 off a travel mug!!

Is the inside of the mug stainless steel? Yes, and is good for cold or hot drinks.

Do the new color shirts have the "147 million orphan" line? No, the new shirts and mugs don't have the third line. We decided not include that for several reasons. When we did the car decals we realized that the logo fit and read easier with just the "got love?" adopt. Remembering that we are hoping to continue to add to our line of stuff to help other fundraising families, shortening our logo would allow us to print it on more items. We felt like that is the message we really want to get across...regardless of how many orphans there are. There was a bit of confusion with the 147 million orphan. com line, as well. On a side note, did you know the number is now up to around 164 MILLION???

Can you discount the price for multiple purchases? This one came from several families that are considering using the shirts for their airport homecoming celebration. I LOVE THAT!!! How fun to have everyone in a different color (or same). So...YES, we would love to see whole families wearing the shirts to welcome home their newest member and spread the adoption word around the airport. I am planning to use them for our annual family beach picture! Bottom line..if you would like to order more than 4or5 please email me first and we can work you a deal! :)

Any other me

Remember to let me know if you have shared our blog, message, or shirts so I can enter your name in a drawing to win a "got love?" shirt--you pick the color. Drawing will be this Friday!

Thank you to all who have ordered.
our whole family and a little one waiting in Korea!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the colors in the mugs. I will be ordering one on Mar. 1st.

  2. I too will be ordering a couple mugs on March 1st...that is if I am not picking up our little one!! I will definitely order though :)

  3. I LOVE all the new colors! That purple mug is screaming my name, "DARCIE!!". I will be back to get one as well.

  4. oh i shared on FB! not even b/c i could win, just b/c i like ya'!! but now that i know i could WIN A SHIRT, even better, haha! :)

  5. Absolutely lovin' all the new products...they are fabulous!!

  6. I blogged about your awesome gear at I love it!!!